Prior to the stage dressing

The only thing that can be insulted is not real. Therefore, if someone seems to insult you, they are alerting you to your attachment to an unreal self that can only bring pain. It’s a favor. If you’re willing to go into this sincerely, to see what thoughts come up and to find your willingness to let those thoughts go, you are served by this experience. You do not want to be attached to that which gives you pain.

Where you feel resistance to an experience, you’re being given a chance to feel your resistance to Love. If you feel resistance to an experience, it means you believe that something can threaten you. If you believe something can threaten you, you believe that what you are can be threatened. Look upon this belief. Find a thought related to it. Offer it up. Here is the the key to your freedom–the smallest willingness to allow your thinking to change.

When it seems you have a decision to make, ego can justify any choice. Ego offers reasons that are body-centered. Guidance just guides. As thoughts about reasons pass through your mind, look prior to this noise. Open to what is here for you. Invite it to make itself obvious. Rest in your willingness to follow guidance. Look to your willingness to allow guidance to be made clear. Make a habit of pausing here, prior to the idea of the world as real, prior to the idea of a separate self that has to be protected. Learn to rest here, and guidance becomes clear.

The feeling of tension or stress is an opportunity to have skewed perception washed clean, but you will have to give up thoughts. These thoughts seem precious and vital but really mean nothing at all. These thoughts are about protecting a separate self, making it comfortable, avoiding inconvenience, getting that which will please it. You do not have to be a servant to this fictional separate self. You are free.

Allow these thoughts about the separate self to be highlighted in the mind. Allow Spirit to show you how useless they are. Offer these thoughts to Spirit, and you will be offered peaceful replacements. How could ego convince you to use time and effort to protect a separate self that doesn’t exist? Egoic thoughts state that protecting the separate self brings peace. See through this fiction. Spirit always offers thoughts that bring peace without any need to struggle or protect.

Notice how opinion feels. Opinions give you something to defend against. Opinions tell you that something in your world is real, and that something contrasts with another separate something with a different value. It’s all part of the smokescreen. It’s all part of the stage dressing. You can look at the stage dressing, value it, and believe that it is real. That is your option.

But peace calls to you eternally from prior to the stage dressing. You can set down all of your opinions. You can look prior to this distraction. You can put this in charge of your perception. In so doing, you put peace in charge of your experience.

We are at peace because we are joined with you fully with no need for anything else. We love helping you remember that you have everything you need right now.

Photo by eberhard πŸ– grossgasteiger on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Prior to the stage dressing

      1. I’ve been thinking about this quote from A Course in Miracles a lot lately: “Nothing so blinding as sight of form.” May we all accept spiritual vision. May we all allow miracles and healing πŸ™β™₯️🌟

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    1. to even the pain is part of the illusion. attachment to the images that appear and their actions. comfort and peace to you , David, as your dream eyesight diminishes and may your visionary sight increase to fill any gaps.

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      1. Yes, holding it up to the true light… not the false one our meaningless thoughts have identified… makes sense. Thanks and much love xoxo πŸ™πŸ’—

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