Waking up to mesmerism

Awakening is largely a process of taking out the garbage. You have attached to many seemingly separate concepts you don’t need, and they get projected out as the world you experience. The world you see and experience is a reflection of these concepts. When you see that your attachment to back and forth concepts keeps them projecting outward, you stop. Then you release. After you realize these concepts have no value, you see what has been waiting for you underneath: stability, love and connection.

Currently, there seem to be a lot of separate and conflicting concepts taking up space on your hard drive. Anything separate is illusory, so when you are paying attention to a stressful concept, we invite you to look at it as a kind of mesmerism. You are staring at an illusion and believing it is real. It seems to have this magnetic pull. It captures your attention. But you are the one who gives it your attention. When you wake up to what you are doing, you stop. You blink. You shake your head. And the attachment is broken. You can become aware of that mesmerism. You can interrupt it. Just take one breath of Remembrance anytime you need to during the day.

Once you realize how beneficial the process of taking out the garbage is, you start handing it over.ย  You might notice yourself holding onto a concept for a few seconds, adding a related thought or two, but then you wake up to what you seem to be doing. You stop immediately because it makes no sense. You interrupt the mesmerism. Interrupt the mesmerism often enough, and its hold on you weakens.

When you have allowed mesmerism’s influence on you to weaken, you can light up a pathway out of it for others. When you have allowed mesmerism’s influence on you to weaken, you can observe how others serve and teach you on the way out. Gratitude grows and grows. As gratitude grows, it seems to crowd out the sense of threat that is necessary for the reliance on mesmerism.

Wherever you feel pain or you feel engaged in suffering, you are hanging onto concepts you don’t need. We are here to haul away all of those painful, untrue concepts that give you those fear and pain experiences. So rather than handling life from within the mesmerism as a fictional character, give over all of the frustrating and painful concepts to us. When you do that, you make room for the guidance that will guide you out of the funhouse you made. The funhouse can’t hurt you, but it can scare you. It can send you into further reliance on fear when you believe it is real. You are more real than the funhouse. The power, strength and being we share is more real than any interpretation the funhouse suggests.

What the funhouse seems to present to you is a suggestion. You never have to accept it as real. The more you rely on how you feel, the more you will notice when you are accepting the unreal as if it exists. You feelings will always tell you.

When you allow your hard drive to be cleared, there is room to hear guidance instead of the repetition of old thoughts. When you hear guidance, you can be truly helpful to those walking the path Home with you. You can begin to see how those walking the path Home with you have always been helpful, no matter how they have been showing up.

We rejoice every moment you recognize your attachment to illusion, and we are always there to take the garbage out. Here’s to a day of restoring clarity and appreciating how very supported you and all others always are.

Photo by DavidZydd on Pixabay

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