Trust in what is Real

A judgment–that’s an attack in thought. All seeming physical or verbal attacks are also attacks in thought. A seeming physical attack is simply evidence of the strength of the belief in a thought. When the attack has moved from thought to form in the physical or verbal, you are perceiving what you wanted to perceive. You are perceiving that which you use to block the awareness of Love.

If you use perception to show you physical and verbal attack, you use perception to block out the awareness of what is Real. You can go here in a moment of disquiet:
I am using perception to block my awareness and remembrance of what is Real. I am willing to remember what is Real now.

A judgment is a boxing in, a limiting, an imprisoning. A judgment can only come from a certainty that separation is real. When you feel the weight of a judgment, you have an opportunity to remind yourself:
Separation is unreal, but our joining in Self is Real. I am willing to see reflections that show me how all are joined.

Whatever you think you’re judging–it isn’t real. It isn’t there. You are actually imposing that judgment upon Love and limiting love’s effect in your experience. What you think you see–you wanted to perceive that instead of allowing the full awareness of Love to return. It’s okay because whatever you are perceiving right now can be turned to Love’s purpose:
I believe I see __________________, and I now turn this perception over to Love. Let everything I perceive be used to remind me that Love is Real.

Whenever you feel disquiet, you are trusting judgments delivered to you by ego more than you trust Love’s real effects. Affirm that you are ready to allow perception to be used to awaken all:
I am willing to turn over all perception to Love.
I am willing to see Love’s Real effects.

When you feel the weight, tension, and density of a judgment, it is as if ego has said, “In fear we trust. Let’s use the defensive shield we make and trust in that.” You have an opportunity in this moment to trust in what is actually Real–Love. Put your shield down and allow. You are safe now. Love is the only thing that can keep you safe. Accepting ego’s offering of fear just keeps you on the battlefield.

There is no more need to fight. Rest and allow. We rest eternally in the Light with You, and we are forever grateful for what you Are.

Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash

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