Let the crooked be made straight

Anywhere there is pain, physical or emotional, there is a chance for the crooked to be made straight. All of the crooked is in your mind, not out there in phenomenality. When what has been off gets set right in your mind, then what you see “out there” reflects that back to you. You are the gatekeeper of your mind. As you see that your best interest lies in opening it up completely to love, then love can make its influence known.

As you are guided through the deepest recesses of your mind, all the places where you taught yourself to resist love, remember this:
The only thing that is Real here is love.
Let me see it.
Let me know that it is real.

Love is always here. The only thing you can do is to allow it to be covered up by illusion. So as you travel through the deep recesses of your mind where untrue thought has been stockpiled and buried, know that you have only used thought to cover up love. As you agree to release useless thought, love is uncovered, undamaged and pristine.

Whenever you feel discomfort of any kind, you are leaning upon the imaginary. There is something real here for you to lean on. It’s just that you have covered it up with the imaginary. To the extent that you believe the imaginary is real, you feel pain. You can at least know, when you are feeling physical or emotional pain, that you are leaning upon the imaginary. In this moment you can reach out and affirm that you want to depend upon what is Real:
I want to depend upon what is Real here.
Please show me the way.

Your perception is conformable. Your perception, with your permission, can be brought into alignment with what is Real. You are changeless. What is Real is changeless. Yet you have made an experience of what can change. Therefore, allow each change to be a blessing–not something you resist, but something you welcome as a reflection of Home.

Place your trust in change bringing blessing, not punishment. Perception change rooted in what is Real brings blessing. You need not resist it. You can ask to have your perception assist you in relying upon what is Real:
Form my life, my experience, my day, each moment so I rely entirely upon what is Real.

In any situation, remember this:
I am willing to see what is Real.
I am willing to remember what is Real.
Let the crooked in my mind be made straight and plain and clear.

It is our joy to assist you, and we delight in making your pathway easy and clear as you allow it.

Photo by Daniel Roe on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Let the crooked be made straight

  1. It is almost like God is changing the pieces, characters, situations outside to make me see huge waterfall of light everywhere — but i insist of seeing it in only way and worry about change. Thank YOU, beloved Julie — These lines are so beautiful – Trusting change is a blessing, not a punishment. Thank YOUUUUUUU. Smiles, hugggses and blessings. πŸ˜πŸŒΉπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

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