Easy and obvious path

“Can you make this easy and obvious?” is a good request to make. “Can you make this easy and obvious,” directed to Spirit, grants Spirit permission to move all blocks out of your way. When you feel stress or tension, you are holding your blocks firmly in your way. You are clinging to them as if they are your safety. You perceive all the separate definitions that you have decided upon to be the way you know how to make your way through the world.

When you wake up out of stress and tension, you drop your grip on all your separate defintions, on all your plans, on all your blocks. You allow everything to be put in place for you. You allow everything to be made easy and obvious for you.

When you feel emotional or physical pain or discomfort of any kind, it’s because you believe you want something worldly and specific more than you believe you want your path to be made easy and obvious. Why do you believe you want something worldly and specific? It’s because you think it will make you happy. It’s beause you bliee you have a specific problem, and the wordly and specific thing you focus upon is the answer. The ability to admit that you don’t know what the answers are is exactly the thing that will make all answers plain and clear to you. Ask for clarity, and you are given ease.

Think about “no need to figure out.” Who would be the separate entity to figure something out? For all the seemingly separate entities you observe in your world, wouldn’t it be better for all to allow harmony to figure everything out? After all, no one trying to align with separate interests is able to flow in harmony. If you allow harmony to have all the answers and give them to you, this is what you will see as available to all others right now.

Think about no need to be anything in particular other than what you and all already Are. All the work is already done. You already Are what you Are, and that can never be changed. The same is true of all you call other. It has to be, since they are your mirror image. If all the work is done, what is left for you to do? Allow it to be made obvious, and it is an easy path to follow.

This resting place of “nothing to figure out” and “nothing to be other than what you and all Are eternally” is the place from which Spirit can make the way plain and clear and simple and effortless. So when you feel the tension of a separate self striving and pushing forward, relax. Harmony is here for you, and harmony will make the way plan and clear. Communicate with harmony. Ask for your instructions, and any steps you need to take become obvious.

Identifying as a separate self has to bring the struggle to advance this self in a world that is against it. Relaxing into harmony has to bring rest because you must relax and trust in that which created you in order to be carried by the flow.

What is available to you is available to all right now. As you learn to accept the ease that is ever-present, you will see your images in the mirror, those you call other, doing the same.

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