Ultimately safe

The message today began with a song:

This world is now a symbol to show how much you are loved and how much you love. We say “much” not in terms of your ability to measure it, but in terms of the reflections you’re allowing. As you allow this symbol to heal, as you allow what you Are to flow through everyone and everything you meet, you see there is no reason to recoil, to hide, to protect. You see there is every reason to feel safe.

Picture yourself on a cruise ship. You do not drive. There is a destination, but you are not captain. You are in charge of your experience on the ship through the quality of attention you bring to your own thinking. Your own thinking. “Somebody else’s thoughts”–that is nothing to focus on. The portal is through your thinking. Your thinking makes the world you experience. This can be a very kind world as you become wiling to allow every facet of it to become a reflector of Truth.

As you focus only upon your own thinking, the thinking stills, and the portal opens. The power that runs your experience of the world is just waiting to show you the safety, love, peace, and joy in which you are always held. The only things stopping the world from becoming a reflector of what truly Is–that would be the judgments you lay upon it. The judgments you lay upon the world are the judgments you ultimately lay upon yourself.

Any power you give to components of a world to harm, to threaten, to cause unhappiness–that’s power you’re withholding from what can show you the world demonstrating to you that your mind has been healed. Your mind is healed as you allow it. In any moment in which you feel disquiet, it is because you believe some component of the world is real and beyond the reach of what can heal your mind right now. Remember that the world is as you want to see it. See a punishing world, and you want punishment. Remember that the remedy is here and now always, and you open up the gates to what can show you a healed world.

Focus on your thinking, and the portal to healing opens. A healed mind sees a healed world. In the openness of the portal, you need not concern yourself with who or what anyone else is, because they are You. Will you allow them to show you your innocence, or is there something to hold against them? Is there something about them to analyze or figure out? Is there something about them to compare or to judge? Or are you just willing to see the sweetest reflection of your nature, the nature you share with all, no matter what pasts you see for them individually?

The states attained through hallucinogens ultimately show you that you are hallucinating all of time and space, and the changeability of this hallucination is ultimately harmless because it affects nothing real. When you recognize how the hallucination can be used to show you your ultimate safety, there is nothing to fear here. When you feel unsure, ask this: Will I allow every component of this to show me who everyone Is together?

Ask, and we will show you. It is our joy to show you who everyone Is together.

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