Relaxing out of drama

Nothing in this right-now situation you seem to be in is your fault or the fault of any other. But everything in this situation is for your benefit and for the benefit of all. Anywhere in this situation that you feel an edge or a block or a density–this is where you can allow the washing away. A significant turning point is when you realize that the washing away of resistant thought harms none and benefits all, always. Another significant turning point is when you see that you need not fuss on the level of behavior. To attempt to control behavior is to reinforce the judgment that causes suffering. Focus upon the thought level, and a sense of safety encompasses you that makes it clear that you need not be concerned with anyone’s behavior. If you are, it’s an opportunity for release.

You are in very safe hands when you put yourself and all you look upon into very safe hands that do not alter with emotion and circumstance. This steadiness, this beauty–it is always here for you and all. When you lean upon judgment, when you believe you know something, you limit yourself and all in your sight. You can always relax out of limit and back into allowing. You can allow yourself to be shown instead of deciding.

We are helping you to develop the ability to look straight into anything and to see your friend. Often, you look straight into something and meet your judgment. This is a good opportunity, because you have a chance to recognize its valuelessness. When you see your friend, it’s not because you can get something out of that one. It’s because you see a clear reflection of your own purity and harmlessness. It’s because you can see how much you and all are loved. You are willing to allow this meeting place between you and your friend to just be. You are willing to allow all else to be shined away.

When you are so sure someone is going to judge something, it’s just pointing out your attachment to judgment, which can be relaxed out of now. Many of your ideas about being safe come from certainties about how others judge. Remember the true certainty of every other–how they love and how they are loved–and you don’t need to invent ways that they are likely to judge.

Your attachment to judgment is just a piece of the fictional drama. The idea that you are separate, and the idea that you can attach to that which is not real–it’s part of the fiction. Relax out of the drama, and you won’t be troubled by the idea of anyone else’s judgment–also a fiction. When you catch yourself in the density of judgment and anticipating judgment, become curious. If all of this is fictional, what is real here? Find your willingness to see it.

Your willingness shines, and your willingness is the willingness of all. You are very safe in these steady hands that hold and guide you all.

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