Strength and clear-mindedness

Thank you to a reader who requested a message about how to respond to sleep difficulties 💚

Receive a message

We have good news for you! You’re having a really tough time staying asleep! Now, from the physical experience of this, it is probably not so funny, but look here: You are willing to wake up out of illusion. You are having a tough time staying asleep. From this end of the symbol, it’s good news, no?

But you are experiencing a distortion of the symbol, and this we can clear up. We give you this: Hey, can you clear up the distortion?

Anytime you experience discomfort for any reason, you are experiencing a distortion of something wonderful, and we are happy to undo the distortion. Ask us to clear up the distortion until it becomes a natural part of your being to refer to this whole of what you Are to handle everything.

You are experiencing muddle-headedness for a very good and helpful reason. It is time to give up and let it collapse. What is it time to allow to collapse? There is a forward driving focus into this particular story that can be dropped. When it is dropped, that which benefits all and brings joy to all simultaneously is activated. The solution that solves everything is activated as you learn how to drop forward driving focus.

As you learn to drop forward driving focus, you expand out of the limits of this story, seeing all expand and be freed with you.

Your strength and clear-mindedness is located within everyone and everything you call else. You’re going to have to rely on all of them now. And we can show you how. As you look out upon anyone or anything, learn to say this:
My strength and clear-mindedness are here. I allow them to extend to me. And then your strength and clear-mindedness are activated in you and in all simultaneously.

Say this and remember this until it is a natural extension of your being.

You know how in an apocalyptic situation everyone needs to learn to rely upon each other? Well, you get to learn how to do this right now with very little outer drama. You don’t need an apocalyptic situation to show you what you learn during these situations. You can learn it now. What you learn, you share effortlessly, just through your being. Learning what there is to learn now is a great service to all, and as you serve all, you serve yourself.

A little practical advice: take naps when you can. No reason not to. We can clear distortion beautifully during your naps. And find rest during your body awake moments. Find rest in everyone and everything during your body awake moments, and your body asleep state mirrors that.

Thank you for allowing unrest to surface so we can clear it. Speak to us. Speak to us often, and allow us to answer you in many forms that make up the fabric of your daily life.


The voice that came through felt and sounded a bit different, like a blend of your guides (the guides of the one requesting this message) with mine. Whenever “more” voices are added, it feels like the message goes deeper. I feel like the point of this message is to point you toward your guides in every moment and to really open up their availability to you. All gifts are to be shared, and if I have a gift it is for me to share it with you by giving you the same ability, so you can add to what you already have.

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