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You are worthy of guidance. In fact, you are loving guidance itself. Because there can be the experience of conflict, it seems there are two guides. There is the angel on your shoulder and the devil on your shoulder. The devil doesn’t actually exist, but because you think it does, you give yourself the experience of it. Your mind is very powerful, and it can deliver all kinds of experience to you. It delivers whatever you order up.

It seems that you have two guidance systems through what appears to be your separate life. There’s the ego you aren’t, and the Love you are. The ego you aren’t sends out a constant stream of thoughts to suggest to you what you are. Ego thoughts are very consistent. They are always lies. They always lead to the experience of unhappiness, but they have a hook. They claim to keep you safe, and you believe that claim, so you keep accepting egoic thoughts as guides.

What you are–Love itself–also has a thought stream you can access. Ego suggests that you will be bored if you unsubscribe from its thought stream. Ego suggests that you will be unhappy if you unsubscribe from its thought stream. Ego’s major sales point is that it can get you what you want. Ego seems to bring things to you that you want, but the problem is that they only bring a temporary satisfaction. Ego says that it can promise happiness, but the truth is that it can only give you the experience of temporary satisfaction.

You don’t have to subscribe to Love’s thought stream. It is always there. When you are tuned into ego’s thought stream, it largely drowns out love’s thought stream. Ego drowns out love’s thought stream not because it is more powerful than love, but because you are choosing to hide from the thoughts of love. You choose to cover up love’s thought stream because you fear it.

What do you fear?  Loss of control. Ego says that you are an entity that controls, and you believe that. Ego delivers fantasy experiences of control. Flow is unified. There are no separate controllers within flow. Ego suggests that by flowing, you lose the satisfaction of separate control. Ego suggests that you can’t be happy without a satisfying sense of separate control.

Flow is ease. Ego control is struggle. You are worthy of ease. So is everyone else. Ego attempts to master and control, but there is only flow. So when you are engaging in control and struggle, you are attached to fantasy.

There’s what you are, and there’s what you think you are. Ego suggests separate and conflicting roles within the story you are acting out with one another. It can be a fun game to be curious. What would love have me do in this scene? I know what ego would have me do. That’s very familiar. What would love have me do? Bring curiosity to it. After all, that’s what started this temporary experience of ego. You got curious about what not-harmony would be like.

Each day and and each life look like a series of decision points. Be curious about how love would plot out your day. What thoughts would love send? What words would love give you? What actions would love suggest? How would you feel if you turned to love to guide everything today?

You can allow what you are (which is what everyone else is) to guide you through each decision point. When you approach decision points with the energy of all beings unified, this brings harmony into your experience. When you emanate harmony, you invite all beings to it, mind-to-mind. It is a very beautiful thing.

Today, we invite you to notice. When you really think you want something you don’t have, and you believe you would suffer if you don’t get it, you are having a healing opportunity. Approach these healing opportunities knowing that we are with you and that Love’s thoughts are always available for you. See what happens next.

We thank you for allowing us to guide you. You know by now that when you allow us to guide you, you are allowing your true Self to take charge. It is our delight to abide in harmonic resonance with your true Self, and our joy to lead you there.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 23 – Love’s thoughts are always available to me

Photo by Willem Karssenberg on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Now streaming: Love

  1. This line was so powerful for me — Ego’s major sales point is that it can get you what you want. Even in spiritual spheres – the Ego says – “do X,Y,Z you will get God.” It puts me in a place of spiritual tightness with effort and seeking that is desire filled and not love luminescent.
    I realize this now and try to go back and ask my Beloved Divine, “What is Your will for me?”
    This is what i am learning – when the practices are line with love, it is God and when it is with striving and stress, it is the ego. So, it is not the practice, itself, but the way “i” am that matters and makes all the difference.
    What do you say, dear Julie? Please tell me if I understood you correctly or not? Thank YOU for the blessing of your presence here!

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    1. Yes, it is the recognition of the way you actually are–gentle yet direct, loving yet efficient, all-encompassing yet effective. That’s all you.

      So if I’m feeling anything other than that, I have buddied up to ego and said, “Hey, Buddy.” What do we think of this?

      It’s just dropping this really ingrained habit of asking the ego what we think. Instead, I can ask Oneness what we think.

      So I am not doing the stress, but it’s a very helpful alarm to tell me that I can ask my Real Self what we think instead of my fake self. Sometimes we sit while the alarm is blaring and ask, “Why me?”

      Instead we can ask, “What should I think? What should I say? What should I do?” When we do this consistently, the alarm doesn’t go off.

      This perspective just came to me in the shower right before I saw your comment, so all things are perfect! 😘💚💚💚

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      1. Beautiful! I love this — asking my Real Self — connecting to Oneness. Sounds so obvious but its so easy to forget. 🙂 Will just keep on trying – as this is undoubtedly the best game in town. Thank you, dear dear Julie. 🙏💛 And thank you some more….too….💕

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