Don’t be afraid to get into your core hostilities. While they are not truly yours, they seem to be until you have looked upon them with the love of Spirit. If you hide from your core hostilities, you hide from your belief that you are unworthy, which you could release instead. The presence of this belief is always very simply indicated by any feeling of tension or stress, so be honest with yourself.

The presence of tension and stress is to alert you that you still believe in your own unworthiness, so you try to see everyone else that way. Tension and stress seem to be caused by separate things in the world, but that is only how it appears. If you remember the true cause of tension and stress, then you can accept the actual remedy for it.

Your alternative to getting into your core hostilities is being very busy seeing reflections of your core hostilities outside the entity you call you, and attempting to convince yourself that this is real. This will never make you happy. Finding problems outside yourself can never bring happiness, because it is the sight of these problems that covers up the actual happiness you and all Are. This world is what you asked to see in order to cover up your happiness. Your happiness is in your wholeness, and the world you see seems to split your wholeness into parts.

When you get in there, right in the middle of your core hostilities, and you just look with Spirit, the tension melts. The core hostilities are a weapon you pick up to define yourself. As you define yourself and others as separate, you defend this false sense of separateness to which you have been clinging. Know that what you are clinging to is the cause of all the suffering and discomfort that you experience. When you learn how to set it down and look upon it with Spirit, what seemed to be something becomes nothing at all.

It’s okay to leave yourself undefined. It’s okay to just be here. You don’t need to be split into separate bits to be worthy. You don’t need to be one separate bit that has a particular worthiness, displayed by your separate form, that another form is lacking. You are here, and you can’t ever be a separate bit, no matter how much the forms you see tell you this is so. You are always Here, and you are always Whole with All. Nothing can ever change or touch that.

All relationships are eternal, and all relationships are love. Any idea or image or memory that would contradict this peace is nothing. If it seems like something, like something that has the power to disturb your peace, then it is an opportunity to look upon the thoughts with which this illusion is constructed. One by one, you can let them go. There is a greater meaning and purpose shining behind all this that can handle every facet of what you observe without condemning any of them.

You are Here, uncondemned and shining, always. Your ever-present invitation is to see all as eternally uncondemned. What they seem to be doing is only forming the picture of chaos you asked to see. It is only a picture, and it can never be Real.

You are Real. They are Real. All that is Real is innocent forever.

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