A path without suffering

https://youtu.be/gjyJu2orXDk God provides a script we can follow. There is always a path to follow that holds no distress, no tension, and no judgment. For a while,you think the path of judgment and tension gives you something reality can't, so you attempt to follow it. As you feel through the layers of lies to which … Continue reading A path without suffering

Light it up

https://youtu.be/fSCaw_iKhdg Resolution of problems is a service you allow to be performed for you. If there is any sense of a separate you with a burden of a problem--a problem you must solve--then rest for a moment and remember that solutions are plentiful and are given to all freely. Solutions are made obvious. Every seeming … Continue reading Light it up

Knowing will carry you

https://youtu.be/ggcOCumIBXw Knowing will carry you. It's not your knowing--a knowing that belongs to a separate you or a separate anyone else. It's a knowing from Spirit--from our unified identity, that can be expressed through anyone or anything as you allow it. Depending on this universal knowing is always safe. Any feeling of stress or tension … Continue reading Knowing will carry you