A limited number of foot soldiers

The ego contains a limited number of foot soldiers. If we stop believing that our power comes through ego, the ego has no resources to recruit new soldiers.

This is not a fight. The ego treats any threat to its existence as a fight, sending soldier after soldier into awareness to try to regain control of the power source.

So one side of you is fighting, but it’s the false side, the imaginary side. We’ll call this fighting one ego-in-charge. Ego-in-charge doesn’t like it when it feels its power base slipping.

You’re in the midst of a transformation that occurs in time. When complete, the ego is transformed into ego-as-conduit. It’s just a tube for Love–for the love that is you to express itself in form, in the world you see, through the body you perceive to be yours. Separate form, one identity, smooth functioning. Peace. But not death. You’ll know, at this point (as you are beginning to know with increasing strength) that you are Life and you cannot die. You are not and never have been the body, but you can come through the body very lovingly and joyfully.

It’s only you–who you have always been–with all the fear gone. That’s the only difference.

Ego-in-charge doesn’t get rid of fear. Ego-in-charge would rather increase fear.

The emerging ego-as-conduit allows the release of fear. It’s just you. You allow the release of fear because you wake up to the fact that you have been holding onto it intentionally to create separate identities for you and others and to create stories about the world. You still appear in the world through a body. The personality has the same flavor with the edge of fear removed. Nothing changes and everything changes.

“Oh my gosh. What a dream I’ve had!” It’s a true awakening to who you are.

Let’s look at what ego-in-charge does when it feels its power base slipping and is not receiving any new resources from you. It sends out its soldiers, in the form of negative thoughts, to seduce you back into giving it power.

You’ll eventually stop believing what each soldier says to you. You’ll eventually laugh when they walk up to you. In the meantime, you may feel great emotion when a soldier walks up to you and delivers a message. If you know what is happening, it’s not a problem.

You heard the thought, and you reacted to the thought from fear. The emotion came, and it didn’t feel good. The emotion is your friend. It says, “Don’t listen to this guy. He’s bad news.” So instead of listening to that guy, you put your attention on the emotion.

By putting your attention on the emotion and understanding what it’s telling you–not to listen to the foot soldier of ego because it feels like ten kinds of wrong–you can then remember that you are willing to release fear.

When you remember your willingness, you have just released that soldier from ego-in-charge’s tyrannical rule. He goes scampering off Home, very happy. That negative thought dissolves in the Love that you are, as long as you remember the Love that you are.

That trapped energy is released. You feel relief.

Yes, the ego may have other foot soldiers, but you know how to meet them now. Meet them with the Love that you are.

Ego-in-charge subsides. Ego-as-conduit takes over. Peace. Also fun, because all of that fear is out of the way.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

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