The Bad Guys

The bad guys in life are a whole lot different than we might think they are. Once we see them truly we illuminate the roots of our own dysfunction, thereby giving ourselves and those we held responsible for wrongdoing the space to heal. From this healed place, we are inspired to do and say exactly what each situation requires.

Think of your mind. Now think of the bad guy’s mind. Now think of all the minds on Earth. Now think about all minds across time and space. They all share one big room. They all have the same ultimate destination–Home. Home is Love, true self awareness, harmony. If you stop, take a breath, and feel deep within, you carry the memory of it with you. The memory of Home is at the root of every desire you have.

Every desire you have to exert control within your life is actually a cry of homesickness. It’s an attempt to regain the peace you think you have lost. So if we look at an ultimate wrongdoer, like a serial killer or terrorist, their actions are a very loud cry of longing for Home.

Remember that all the minds share one big room, but certain actors demonstrate the disordered part of our shared mind. At the same time, though, they always express a great longing for peace–a peace they think they can achieve by gaining some sort of control over life itself.

When we blame the actor who has expressed the deepest, darkest, most disordered part of our shared mind, we fail to recognize that the deepest, darkest part of our shared mind is accessible to any of us right now.

If we blame, judge, and seek to protect ourselves by distancing ourselves from the wrongdoer or by attacking the wrongdoer, we will have another opportunity later in time to release the darkness from our shared mind. Why wait? When we respond to wrongdoing in another with a willingness to heal and a recognition of the light at the heart of the soul who has acted out the darkest part of our shared mind, we have just taken a piece of our shared darkness and brought it to the light. It’s the most important work we can do.

We can do this work while armies fight, while judges sentence, and while prison doors slam shut. We can see the light at the center of each being in the army, each being in the court system, each being in a prison. We can recognize that light at our own center and know it is the source of inspiration that sends us the thoughts, words and deeds that keep us in a state of ease.

The actors clearly expressing the darkness within our shared mind are alarm clocks. The more we see the light within each being, the more our own light expands as we experience it in daily life. Think of an actor on a trajectory to express darkness in a very clear way. The event will happen in three months. If, during that time, the beings around this actor see him truly, they pull him away from that negative outcome because that alarm clock, that service to sleeping brothers and sisters, is not necessary.

If we don’t want to see violence within our world, there is truly something we can do about it. We can become healers, beginning with ourselves and going ever deeper into the light, and we can learn to see our brothers and sisters truly. It is only easy to descend into the darkness when no one around you sees you for the magnificent being of light you are. When everyone around you sees you as you truly are, it is impossible to reach those dark outcomes.

We are all equally responsible (in other words, able to respond–not deserving of blame) for every event that we associate with darkness. We are fully able to respond to each and every one with a willingness to heal, with love for our brothers and sisters who are confused and in pain, with a willingness to remove the obstacles of confusion and pain within ourselves. Remember, the mind is shared. When we are willing to heal, it helps everyone.

Because the mind is shared, all are equally innocent. Some show up representing confusion and pain, but they are not other than ourselves. We go back to the mind. We realize we are responsible. We are able to respond. We declare our willingness to heal. We follow the inspiration that comes to us. Nowhere in this process is fear necessary as a guide. Reliance on fear is what is demonstrated to us when one of us becomes violent. Releasing that reliance in our own lives releases all of us.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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