This and not that

Whenever the small self feels a need to build itself up as this and not that–feel that.

Now feel that which you are–the Whole–and know deeply that the positive qualities you aspired to attach to the small self (and therefore keep for yourself) are present within the Whole always and therefore accessible to everyone.

This is an ancient memory that you can allow to return to you now.

What is the cause of jealousy? It’s believing that someone else has access to a freedom or joy or ease that eludes you. Upon being told that the quality you feel cut off from is available to you right now, you may experience frustration, if you are associating that quality with outer conditions.

The outer conditions are meaningless when it comes to defining a small self because the very separation of and definition of a small self is a dysfunction. You know that now. Attempting to define a small self, thereby confining your awareness of that which you are to a body–it feels terrible. It should feel terrible. Celebrate the fact that it definitely feels terrible when you engage in believing thoughts that do not serve you.

The outer conditions serve us when they are a means to see through our judgments about them and to come back to freedom.

The positive qualities are available to everyone right now through the Wholeness that we are. What about the negative qualities, that which we would seek to avoid or see in someone else so we don’t have to see it in ourselves?

They are the smokescreen through which we are invited to see. Who invites us to see? It’s our very own self–Love–the only reality there is.

Underneath the surface, all the separate forms are unified in harmony and always have been. If you have been in a Christian church, you may have heard, “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.” That’s reality. The harmony of all beings co-creating in joy has never abated.

The experience within this dimension of the negative qualities you would seek to avoid is only that–an experience. The fear/negativity part of it was invented. You can recognize that they were invented when you think you see these qualities in another. You can recognize that they were invented when you think you see these qualities in yourself.

You, as consciousness, bring experiences to yourself. You call them. Once you recognize this, you can see each experience as an opportunity to awaken into the reality from which the physical world is being projected within consciousness.  Allow Love to be extended, through you, into your physical world. Realize your willingness to do this. Then realize (bring into your awareness) the effortlessness with which this is done.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash


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