Divine triggers bring healing

Dear Stefan, we are pleased that you are focusing upon the auditory because it is a very helpful focus for you and all. What you seem to hear–either in mind or in the physical experience given by mind–highlights for you how you are feeling. When you know how you are feeling, you have an opportunity to notice how you are thinking. We ask you to place value here–in these opportunities for feeling and thinking to be revealed. These opportunities are the pathway to freedom.

Let’s look directly to the cause of the haunting. Thinking causes experience. We ask you to develop a practice of seeing whatever you experience in the world as rolling out from mind. Mind is its source. Your thinking causes everything you experience, but you must remove the distorting idea of fault from that perception. This is about simple cause and effect. When you think of the world as coming at you from outside, you can’t help but regard yourself and others as potential victims to circumstance. Victim, however, is a fantasy in which you engage using thought. So always keep this in mind: Your thought causes experience. Your thought is the cause of experience of the haunting, and this is very good news.

We have a gift that will assist you in the process of allowing what you experience to help in the clearing of your mind. This process finds resistant thinking and aids you in allowing it to be swept away. Resistant, tense thinking resists only one thing–the Flow. As you hang onto resistant thought, life shows you what you are doing through unpleasant experiences. When the thinking changes, the experience can change. We give you the Voice of One process:

  1. Contemplate, for a couple of minutes, the presence of a Voice of One that will take care of everything for you. It will make all decisions and will always give very clear instructions about anything that is to be done. It will give you every word you ever need to say to anybody. This Voice of One, in terms of perception, feels different than the voice you call your own.
  2. Is there anywhere that you do not want this voice to guide you? Is there anywhere that you still feel it is important for the separate personality to be in charge? For example, maybe you still want to feel in charge, as a separate one, of everything you eat or wear. Maybe you think your separate-self control of a car is essential in order to avoid negative outcomes. Make a list of what you perceive as your areas of resistance to the Voice of One.
  3. Now just pick one of these areas. Write down five thoughts associated with any resistance you feel to having the Voice of One take over in this area. For example: If I allow the Voice of One to take over clothing, I might not wear clothes that match.
  4. Now tune in and find your willingness to experience peace and joy.
  5. Write this statement: Only my thinking can prevent the experience of peace and joy. I am willing to give up my thoughts in the area of _______________________________________ and to have them replaced with the thoughts of Truth that will guide me.

Do this process each day for thirty days, and longer if it feels joyful and life-giving.

We invite you to look at this experience of auditory haunting as a divine trigger. You may be looking at it as an unpleasant or unwanted experience, but if you can look at it as a helpful experience, it can do its work and disappear. Each experience delivers healing to us. When we accept that healing, we make way for what will come next. Sometimes the experience seems to go away, and sometimes it changes into a form that feels joyful for us.

So each time you think about this auditory haunting or have an experience of it, how do you feel? Noticing how you feel is very important, and this experience can train you to value that. Get into the habit of pausing whenever you experience or think about an auditory haunting. How do you feel? Just notice. Once you have noticed, then find one thought associated with the feeling. Maybe it’s “This is unwelcome,” or “This will never stop.” Just find one thought. If that thought is associated with a negative feeling, it is a lie. It is a lie ego sends to you in order to keep you in separation perception. Seeing the lie is everything. When you see it, you can release it.

In order to release a lie ego sends to you, find your willingness to experience peace and joy. When you feel you are in that space of willingness, and sometimes you have to do this later or the next day if the experience is intense, acknowledge that you are willing to let lies go. Acknowledge that you are willing to allow lies in your mind to be replaced with Truth. This is your pathway to healing, and this is why you can give thanks for the experience of the haunting. It helped you notice how you are feeling, and it helped you notice what you are thinking. As you place value and priority on noticing what you are feeling and thinking, you don’t need these divine triggers to help you anymore.

Perhaps you think this noise is caused by a particular entity. There is only One of us because we are all unified, but you are accustomed to seeing beings as separate. Let’s work at it from that angle. Does it seem that a particular entity, not yourself, causes the noise? Look deeply at the entity that seems to be the cause of the haunting. Ask this: “Who are you, really?”

Ego would guide you to focus upon a mildly irritating or terrifying surface. It matters not at all the type of disturbance we attach to, as long we we attach. This is how the ego works. It convinces us to attach to disturbing perception. Maybe ego would guide you to focus upon an annoying nonphysical entity as the cause. Maybe ego would guide you to focus on a terrifying, demonic entity as the cause. Again, it matters not at all, as long as you attach to disturbed thinking.

When you ask, “Who are you, really?” about a perceived nonphysical entity, you can first witness whatever surface the ego presents to you as the entity. Annoying or demonic, it matters not at all. It is just the false surface the ego is presenting in order to convince you to attach to lies. The Reality of all beings is always just underneath the surface the ego is projecting.

The surface the ego projects is always very weak and flimsy, no matter how terrifying it appears. It’s just stagecraft. You can pause and say with a laugh, “The special effects are great here in this illusion!” So look deeper, past the brittle and fragile surface of illusion the ego promotes. Going deeper and deeper beyond all concept, all you can see is Light. Go deep enough to get to that Light, and then bask there. There’s your monster. There’s no monster at all.

What happens in order for us to see and experience the monstrous? We fear the light, and in our fear, we distort it, making frightening illusions and believing they are real. Asking to see the true nature of every being, which is always Love, takes you past the surface of illusion into the depth of what is Real. Every unpleasant experience give you the opportunity to dive past the perception of illusion into what is Real. As you get in the habit of doing this, you begin to see how meaningless and valueless all illusions are. You begin to value the peace and joy of Reality, and you stay there. Abiding in Reality, you can help others to find it and to stay there, too.

That which seems disturbing or unhelpful is always a means to come Home into the arms of your True Self. The True Self is all selves unified, and it is always here to guide you past the perception of all illusions into what is Real–love, and only love.

Thank you, divine and perfect sibling, for coming to us with your perceptions. We invite you to do so throughout the day. We are present by your side at all times, and it is always our delight to deliver healed perception unto you.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash