Standing in the stillness

Today we invite you into noticing one moment of resistance–just one beautiful moment of resistance. It is very beautiful when it is seen for what it is. Are you willing to see it sparkling, to take apart all of its components? What happens when you don’t resist?

There is a beautiful discovery waiting for you there. The only thing it is possible for you to resist is love. When it appears that you are resisting something else, you are accepting ego’s invitation to fight with illusion. In that moment of resistance, some limiting definition is arising, and it is not the truth. Are you willing to see through something fundamentally untrue today? Call upon us in a moment of resistance or struggle. Ask to see, and we will show you.

Sometimes understanding will take time to reach you. Maybe it will take a minute, a day or a week, but we promise a moment will come when you see that situation in a new light with full appreciation for the divine roles that all are playing in order to mirror back to you what you can allow to be transformed.

We assure you that love is the only real thing. We’re not talking about love with an opposite, love that can be taken away. We’re talking about the love you always have been, the love all others always have been. It takes only your awakening to see this. What happens when you don’t resist love? When you are not resisting, you are open. When you are open, inspiration is able to act through you. When you allow inspiration to act through you, you have happiness to share with the world. That is your function here. When you are fulfilling your function, you feel happy.

What happens when you allow yourself to be moved by love? First, notice what moves you today. What moves you? What causes you to pick something up, to go from here to there? Are you curious about the engine? Look at the engine today. When you take the invitation to enact egoic dramas, you are not available to be moved by love. When you sit still in curiosity, in appreciation, you will know what to do next. You could take action based on a chain of egoic suggestions that have tumbled into this moment of time, or you could sit for a moment and see what comes next. Inspiration only requires that small space, the instant of cutting off egoic enactment.

You are quite grand. There is no need for what you are to struggle. This back-and-forth is what you originally chose when you chose this ego-oriented dimension, but you chose to come into it in order to blossom out of it in the introduction of a new operating system. It’s not new at all. It’s foundational. In setting down that chain of thought that motivates based on a sense of lack or urgency, you simply stop blocking what has been available to you all along. You are what emcompasses all apparently separate things.

In asking you to watch, to look, to listen, to notice, we invite you to shorten the need for time. Ego can send you on a number of wild goose chases to establish your worth or to give a separate-you a sense of triumph, but the goose chase will never result in the happiness that is available to all now. When the now becomes the fountain of everything you could possibly need, the need for time ceases. When the need for time ceases, the need for suffering ceases. Time is a hiding place you made because you made suffering, were ashamed,  and were afraid of being punished for it. When you know you have no need of the hiding place, you also stop projecting that original guilt onto one another in endless forms. In short, it was always okay. It’s still okay. You can come out of hiding.

Are you willing to realize your vastness, to allow it into your daily experience? What you are and what everyone else is encompasses all that happens, every day. Remember that. No matter who is doing this or saying that, the safety that always cradles you all is comprised of each one of you, and it could not be complete without a single one of you. You are all vitally important because there is one Importance.

We invite you today to think of your nonphysical team–your entourage, your energetic masseuses, those who can arrange circumstances and events to help you along. Think of us in every moment that seems difficult, baffling or limiting. We are the vastness that facilitates the flow of love into your everyday experiences, and when you take one moment to align with us, you allow that flow of love.

We are in love with you because that is where we have always been. That is where you have always been. That is where your sisters and brothers are, truly. We stand today with you in the stillness and power of the love that you are.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash


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