See their power and invite it into experience

Take a moment to review your life story. Look at individual experiences. Look at the timeline. Look at how you got from back there in the past to right here, right now.

You called all of those experiences to yourself. Life never happened to you. You always emit a signal that calls experience to you. So does everyone else.

That’s why right here, right now, there are no victims. When we wake up to this, we do not lose our compassion. We come into the awareness that there are no true victims because of our willingness to feel, to see, to forgive, to step into a place of empowerment.

Wouldn’t we want that same empowerment for everyone else? Luckily, that’s the true state of affairs. Everyone is equally empowered.

In order to see and experience this, you must not judge the surface of life stories. You must look deeper into who each person is, truly. Then you can see within them the ever-present power to transcend any circumstances that might limit them.

If you look at them quietly, with love and appreciation, you’re sitting right there in the awareness of the one loving power that empowers all equally at all times, regardless of how things appear on the surface.

You’re in touch with their superpower, the superpower that belongs to everyone at all times. If you’re in touch with theirs, you’re in touch with your own. It’s called inviting Love to come out to play.

Being this way with people, quietly, in appreciation, helps them to feel this power arising within themselves. It’s true sharing. As you share, you have a stronger awareness of your own power to move through life as a creator, always safe, always supported, never threatened. You have the power to see all others as always safe, always supported, never truly threatened, no matter what circumstances they may be calling to themselves for the purposes of learning.

If you truly love them, you’ll never see them as a victim. If you truly love them, you’ll always have access to compassion. If you truly love them, you’ll be able to express the love you are in any situation.

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “See their power and invite it into experience

    1. I just commented on one of your posts, but my daughter may have deleted before I hit send. 😊 I was going to say that the ability to feel, and feel deeply, is so helpful to others.

      When you don’t run away from their pain and you don’t try to minimize it, you can be truly compassionate. I think that’s the gift of moving through the darkness.

      That’s what I sensed in you–that you’re not going to reject anyone’s darkest hour because it’s too painful for you. I sense a willingness in you to sit beside them and love them, and it’s very beautiful.

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      1. That made me teary eyed. I don’t cry very often so thank you for your moving words. I became a nurse for that reason…to sit with patients during their physical or mental struggles. Unfortunately, I’m unable to work as a nurse anymore because of physical and mental symptoms. Hard career to give up.


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