Healing waves

We offer you a touchstone–an image to return to, worthy and beautiful one. We give you a beach–a calm and restful place where all you don’t need can be washed away, and all you do need can arrive at your feet because of your complete worthiness. You stand still on this beach at the edge of the water. You stand still in appreciation and in full awareness of your perfection, simply allowing the coming of everything that is needed, the washing away of everything false. From this beautiful place, you emerge into clarity.

We draw your attention to the soothing coming and the going of the water. With each wave, you sink deeper into your awareness of your Oneness, your unity with every molecule of water, every grain of sand, with the sky, with the breeze. Feel the power and the presence of this Unity. This is You. This is All of Us. This is Your Self.

This calm power is available to you in every moment. This is the power that makes all things obvious, the power that fulfills all needs, the power you Are. This is the power every seeming “other” Is. Anyone you think about, anyone you meet–they Are this power. They have equal access to it at all times. This is the stable basis from which we proceed.

Gaze out upon the waves. Look far into the distance. Some things that you want in  your life right now–they seem to be far away. Have faith. The waves are carrying them to you even now. We do ask, however, that you pay a price. The price we ask for what is being carried to you is your suffering. Could you give us your suffering, your doubt, and your confusion? When you do, this is the signal that you are ready for what the waves are bringing to you.

The waves serve every function. They bring what you need, and they take away what you release to us. We only ask that you let go of every painful thought. So watch and listen, as you stand upon this beach. Do any painful thoughts come to intrude upon your peace? Watch and listen, as you move through your day. Do any heavy thoughts, thoughts of doubt, come to disturb your peace?

Do you see the raft that has washed up at your feet? This raft brings you the gift of a notebook. We ask that you write these thoughts down when they happen. Make a practice of writing them down. As you write down your uncomfortable and painful thoughts, you place them out in the sunshine, here at the edge of the water. You set them down. When you set your painful thoughts down at the edge of the water, the wave can encompass them and take them away. If you are holding your thoughts inside, trying to be positive, the wave cannot take them away. Write them down, and you have released them. The waves will do the rest.

As you allow the waves to carry painful thoughts far out to sea, you now have room for what the waves are bringing to you. You are now able to receive all the resources for the next part of your journey in appreciation, openness, and gratitude.

So here you stand, at the edge of the waves, fully appreciating the function of what they take away, what they bring. Notice that you don’t have to do anything. You are allowing the waves to do all the work. That is the Unity of us. This period of your life is practice in allowing the Whole of Us (which includes you) to do everything for you and through you.

As you move through your day, your inner being is standing, sitting or lolling at the edge of this beach, allowing cleansing, allowing abundance. We guide you to the breath. During your day, the breath is the symbol of the waves that are always here for you and all. Whenever there is a moment of disquiet, you always have the breath.

As you inhale, you stand in your worthiness. You are worthy to receive. As you receive, you assist all beings across time and space in receiving the beautiful abundance that is always here for everyone. It’s no small thing. You do a great service for all by receiving.

As you exhale, you allow relaxation. You realize that you don’t have to keep a tight grip on anything. You feel how you are held, how you are carried.

As you inhale, you feel appreciation. You feel how cared for and supported you are.

As you exhale, you release any accumulation of tension. Releasing what you don’t need, you become aware of a beautiful inner glow within–a beautiful light. You realize that you are already whole and complete. The waves have just been playful in reminding you of who you are.

As you inhale, you look along this beach and see many beings lit from within. These beings are everyone in your life now, everyone you will ever think about, everyone you will ever meet–all the light, and all equally this same light.

You exhale. Now you know how to meet your clients. You are light meeting light, and there is so much gratitude for the recognition of equal value and worth. Your beach is always here for you, always offering profound healing and clarity.

The beach is a place of opportunity, renewal and vision. When you come here, you are able to see what you have not seen before, and you become better and better able to hold this vision of light and unity throughout your day. On this beach, you see all you meet as your Self, as already joined. As you walk through your day, you will be better and better able to see all you meet and think about through the lens of this Unity.

Inspiration flows from your ability to see and value this Unity, and inspiration will guide you in all things.

We thank you for taking this time at the beach with us, and we invite you to return whenever you need assistance. You are a perfect being, and it is our delight to show you just how this is so.

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash