Practice 39 – I thank you

We invite you to thank each character in the drama you experience, especially if it appears that a character doesn’t deserve thanks.

Set your intention with a three-minute meditation. Begin with:
I thank you

Know that every character offers healing to all other characters, and that includes the character you perceive to be your own. With that certainty, sink below the surface of the drama into ever-present Love. Trust in this Love.

Allow a vision of characters in your life story to come to you. Allow them to approach you one by one. To each, say:
I thank you

Know that they are either showing you the judgment you can release or the joy you always have been. No matter what their role, they are helping.

With each, see yourself smiling and receiving a smile back as you both realize your healing roles within a drama. See the light at their core and feel the light at your own. Bow to each other in joy and thanks.

End with:
I thank you

Step into your day with a willingness to find the gratitude for what each encounter with other beings in thought or in the physical offers you both. Let this be a day of healing.

If anything arises to disturb your peace, remember this:
I thank you

Thank yourself for stopping to look. Thank the characters who always offer healing no matter what roles they play. Thank yourself for the willingness to release judgment. Thank the Love that is always there for you, and invite it to tell you where to go, what to do, and what to say.

We thank you for focusing on healing today, and it is always our delight to assist our beautiful divine siblings as they awaken from the dream of suffering into the reality of Love.

For further reading, see Everyone offers a gift

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

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