Forgetting to remember

We’d like you to play with this energy:
Forgetting to remember

You don’t have to try to forget anything. Just be open to the idea that you might forget to remember all that led to your acceptance of the first fearful thought.

Think of this happening effortlessly. Every morning, when you wake up, you will have forgotten to remember everything you have released the day before.

This is not a process that requires any analysis or judgement. Rather, it’s an accurate description of what is happening now.

You are forgetting to remember–to re-member, to put back together–the small, separate, vulnerable self that will end in death. When you forget, awareness of the true and whole Self of Love rushes in to replace it. As this awareness gets stronger, you will not have room left for the remembrance of the small and separate self.

There will be no need to put it back together every day. There will be no need to get your defenses all lined up. The small and separate self is nothing more than a defense against the love that you are. That is the true autoimmune disease.

From this perspective, take a look at your elders suffering from dementia. Take a look at society’s view of those who forget.

What if the forgetting is an emergence into something truly new, but we aren’t able to see it that way yet? What if we ourselves took the invitation to emerge into who we really are?

Take a look at your own fears about the idea of a self disintegrating, about forgetting.

Now see the forgetting as an opportunity to let the new and truly functional through. It’s happening anyway. It will happen with more ease and grace if you see the process for what it is.

Forget to remember. Play with it.


Photo byΒ Hans-Peter GausterΒ onΒ Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Forgetting to remember

  1. I was just thinking about forgetting yesterday…that is, what does it “feel” like to forget? What does forgetting feel like? It probably depends on what is forgotten. Does is feel open, frustrated, distracted? The other thing that came up about your post is the actions that take place when we, or specifically those with dementia, forget. Forget to turn off the stove…may not be a pretty experience. I like your posts – simple and thoughtful.

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  2. It’s helpful to me to realize the little self is the only one who’s afraid of disintegrating. If I feel fearful, it’s because I’ve let myself get caught up again in that old fiction that I am the little self. But of course I’m not. I’ve never known fear, only love. But that’s easier to forget. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes 😊

      I turn around and face the light. And then somehow I’ve spun back again. So I turn around…

      Like chronic amnesia. πŸ™ƒ Thanks for commenting.


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