The Process: A way to accept healing

The process is a healing tool that can be used anytime, but especially when a simple breath or repetition of a mantra doesn’t bring you back to calm, clarity, and peace with all things.

1. Notice what you are feeling. Express that in three words: Angry, irritated, defensive

2. Notice one thought that is attached to the feelings. Put it in the form of a sentence: That guy stole my parking space.

3. Take one breath to connect with the wholeness of what you are, the wholeness of who everyone is, past the surface of the healing drama you are experiencing.

4. Take one breath. As you exhale, say to yourself:
I am willing to allow perception correction.
When you inhale, imagine the perception correction coming to you.

5. As you exhale, say to yourself:
I am willing to accept healing for myself now.
As you inhale, imagine yourself receiving healing.

6. As you exhale, say to yourself:
As you inhale, release yourself to what comes next.

All experience begins in the mind, and it is at the level of the mind where the perception of disturbance is washed away by the perception of harmony. If you are willing to begin to perceive harmony, you will begin to see it, to experience it, and to feel it.

In going to the level of mind to respond to something that seemed to disturb you, you are communicating telepathically. In the situation of you and the parking spot, you are always inviting other minds either to a bright and wide pathway to the light of who you are collectively, or back into the separate shell of fear, suffering and pain.

When you go to the mind with a willingness to accept healing, you share that healing instantly with all minds across time and space. This includes the mind of the guy who seems to have stolen your parking space. Actually, that guy is an angel offering you an opportunity to accept and share healing right now, but he doesn’t consciously know that yet. When you accept healing for yourself, you help him see the pathway that leads to remembrance of his true Self. This happens telepathically.

Whatever you share with another mind, you share with your own. If you invite another mind further into the separate shell of fear and suffering, you do the same for yourself, so it is a beautifully selfish and generous thing to accept healing for yourself first.

Mind work is very powerful. If you devote significant time to this, you will find ease and happiness that you can share.

Photo byΒ Mike SchrengohstΒ onΒ Unsplash

10 thoughts on “The Process: A way to accept healing

    1. It always helps me to stop and listen for answer, so you’re welcome and thank you! Everything in the world can be used to show us the way when we allow it.

      My daughters were watching this video right after I replied:

      It sang to me about being ready and willing to see the light we are in everyone and as everyone. Thanks for being part of what led me to that moment! It all fits together. πŸ™πŸ§‘

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