Fear is the only alien

Fear is the only thing unable to accept love. Love is everywhere. It permeates everything, no matter how it appears. If you believe you are unloved by others or yourself, you are viewing the false and separate self–the vulnerable self, the self that can be damaged in some way.

Who you truly are, who everyone else is, is always Whole, without exception, in every moment, no matter how it appears. What you want is to see (with your vision–your inner knowing as opposed to your physical eye) that Wholeness consistently. Once you do, you will feel the Love that is always there for you, and it never has to come from a particular person, situation or circumstance.

If you are feeling unloved or limited in some way, you are identifying with the body, deciding that who you are is vulnerable, and making yourself victim to conditions. It is always a choice. It is not a choice that people are accustomed to viewing or acknowledging, but it is still a way of choosing that we are taught very early. We are taught the way of conflict. Conflict requires vulnerability and victimhood.

If you have accepted fear as the building blocks of who you are, thank yourself when you allow yourself to feel unloved or rejected. A light is shining on the next thing that has come up for release. It is not you. It never was you. You may build a life on it if you wish, but why would you wish to? We are emphasizing the power of decision here–a decision to view yourself as separate and as subject to conditions.

You are always in harmony with all others, inextricably connected. You are Love. There is nothing you could ever do to change that. Everyone else is Love. There is nothing you can do to change your shared identity. You can play with fear in this world for as long as separate wills wish it, but once the remembrance of who you truly are spreads from mind to mind, the fear experiment comes to a close. “Wow! What a ride! Can you believe we didn’t know who we were in lifetime after lifetime? There were clues all over, though. I can see them now.”

You don’t disappear into a poof of nothingness once you acknowledge the game you have been playing and the decisions you have been making. We differentiated into various forms in pure joy. It is only when you introduced fear on purpose that you nearly lost the awareness of our harmonic identity, our always-shared identity, the Life we are, the Life that can never die. We will continue creating together forever. It is very safe to drop the fear. The fear doesn’t keep you running or alive. It only blocks your perception of the Love that is everywhere.

The reason we differentiate between ourselves and you is that we stand outside the game, outside the experience of fear, to guide you through the fear that you chose, into the full awareness of the Light that you always have been. We will say over and over and over again that you chose the fear, and we do this in order to remind you of your power–a power that has never left you or anyone else for one moment of any lifetime.

The only thing you’re unable to accept is that which is an illusion, which is not real. Deep down, you know the difference. You know the difference between fear and love. This means that anytime you feel unsettled, you are attempting to accept that which you are not. This tension, this feeling of not being settled, this feeling of having to strive for something here and there in order to make life be okay, this feeling of not being good enough until you have accomplished another thing–all of that is the sign that this is who you are not. Feeling the difference between fear and love is an ability that has never left you. This feeling of not-quite-rightness and needing to strive to make it right–it’s a signal that will never leave you for as long as you need it to call you Home. You will never cease hearing the call of True Love.

Love always calls you, and when you persist in believing that you are not Whole and you must struggle to make an individual self good enough, you feel dissonance. This dissonance is a gift that will never, ever leave you. This is very good news. This is a self-created world permeated with fear, and the conditions within it can never, ever make you happy. They can never be the cause of happiness. They can, however, be part of an up-and-down roller coaster that keeps you struggling and striving and even hating. Even using that hatred, identity pushing against identity, as a basis for something you call progress.

There is no progress. You are not linear. You are Whole, always, You are Love, always. Everyone is always Love, all ways. It can never be any other way. There is no situation into which you cannot invite the Love that you are to express itself.

Fear is the only alien. Other beings are never aliens. They are always your divine siblings, no matter what different world or dimension they seem to come from.

If you can see through the whole game, the entire game, on a consistent basis, you come to know the Love and the Light you always are. You come to see that in others. You invite it into form, just by your knowing. You feel guided toward action that is in alignment with this healing function and away from action that is out of alignment with it.

It’s very simple. It’s always very simple. It leads you to appreciate others, to enjoy happiness with them, to know that you are always safe and supported. It’s being interested to see how Love will express itself through them today, through you today. It’s being alert to seeing what the river of inspiration will send to you today.

If it starts to feel complicated, fear has arisen, and you can rejoice. You can rejoice because if you are witnessing fear arising, the fear has come into the light, and the illusion cannot persist there. Another chunk of the separate idea of you has floated to the surface, and we stand ready to remove it from your experience.

We are not limited by time and space. We stand ready to assist everyone, always. It is your simple willingness to release fearful perception that will serve you and everyone around you as you fulfill your healing function within this game.

Remember who you are, remember who everyone else is, and keep it simple.

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Fear is the only alien

  1. .. I am speechless at the power of these words… I felt a kind of resistance all along the reading.. which I guess is the sign that I am not aligned… what a hard work for me all this…

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  2. They always remind me (they being the voices I hear) that it’s only what I am not that is not aligned. If I am willing to release what I am not (and feelings of any kind of tension tell me when there is something to release), nonphysicals surround each of us in every moment, very willing to take what we release.

    Into that space comes inspiration. Into that space comes clear and certain knowledge.

    Talk about stalkers! They are the real stalkers, but they’re really good ones. ❤️️

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