A clear path

The path is prepared in front of you to make each decision easy today. You will seem to encounter many points of decision, but by remaining very still within yourself,  the response to each decision point will be clear, and you will be able to feel calm. When you stay within the stillness of what you are, you stay within the Truth of who all truly are. When you stay in the resonance of who all truly are, you send out a call and light up a pathway to ease and happiness.

It is up to you. Notice that if you experience conflict, you have an opportunity to say: This is my responsibility. Somewhere I am choosing to listen to ego above mySelf.  Ego is who I am not, and it is always a habit to look away from mySelf for answers. No matter how deeply ingrained, it is a habit, and it can be undone. I devote this day to allowing this habit to be undone.

If you start with who you are, stay with who you are, and return to who you are each time you feel disturbed, you will understand how all that you experience is your responsibility. In this way, all of life becomes a meditation. Any perceived disturbance you experience along the way is merely a reminder to return to the Wholeness of yourSelf. Why abide in the wholeness of yourSelf? Happiness–a happiness that can be shared. Is there anything more important than happiness? Is there anything you want more than happiness?

Who you truly are will guide you through each experience with ease and assurance because you are that ease and assurance itself. When you abide in the assurance that you are, you do not place bodily concerns above the happiness of being guided by your Self. When you turn everything over to the Wholeness of you, the body gets used in ways that benefit all. The condition of it is not up to an ego, an evaluator of right vs. wrong, a promoter of pleasure and pain.

Let’s take a look at pleasure for a moment. If pleasure is centered around something you have to have, then it is based upon anxiety and a sense of lack. The foundation is rotten. Simply notice how pleasure offers relief and distraction from a state that is necessarily restless and unstable. When you turn to ego for guidance, pleasure offers temporary relief from the pain and suffering you continue to choose.

We do not recommend that you bring pleasure under control of an ego by attempting to suppress all behavior related to what you see as pleasure. Trying to control behavior is just putting ego in charge. If you notice what you feel and think, however, this is the way past the pleasure/pain cycle.

When you question the truth of ego thoughts, the untrue thoughts lose their power over you. As untrue thoughts fall away, true thoughts–loving thoughts–arise to take their place. As you allow your life to be guided by loving thoughts, the call to pain and pleasure fades and disappears. The idea of thought fades away, too, and flow takes its place.

When you refer to the ease of who you are for every decision, you act harmoniously because ease is who everyone is. Refer to who everyone truly is for each decision. When you find yourself feeling any sort of disturbance, feel it as a call to return to the peace that you are. The conditions that seemed to cause the disturbance only show you where you have a habitual attachment to reliance on ego that can be healed now. You are always surrounded by healing, and healing is something you accept. It is never something you have to do, achieve or maintain. You are always worthy of healed perception, and it is always being offered to you.

We invite you to know that you are worthy of healed perception right now, and there is nothing you need to cling to in order to flow in harmony with All That Is. We bless you, and we honor you.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 24 – The way is clear when I return to my Self.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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