Beingness is One Someone's wrong, bad, and guilty: This is the virus. If you ever feel any physical or emotional discomfort, this idea is the cause. Someone or something is bad. Some one or some thing is guilty. Some one. A being perceived a separate, while Beingness is One. This is the only sickness, the only problem. … Continue reading Beingness is One

Waking each other up Now is the fun part of the game when you wake each other up. You will be given many opportunities to release what you don't need, to let go of what interferes with smooth and joyful game play. You will find many moments of joy as you begin to see clearly who all are … Continue reading Waking each other up

Look right through the personality

Are you willing join in communion, in true communication, with everyone you meet? Every meeting with every being, whether it occurs in the physical or in thought, when someone comes to mind, is the opportunity for deeper awareness of the Love you are. Celebrate and bless these opportunities. If you are willing to enter into … Continue reading Look right through the personality