One of ego’s greatest hits is the idea of someone or something causing disaster. Something or someone, apparently outside of you, will cause something bad to happen. This is how ego’s story goes, and when the story looks attractive, you are choosing fear’s grip. Remember that there is nothing outside of you. Recognize that the belief in disaster calls for a remedy, and go in for a remedy.

Ego is present in your mind as a set of thoughts distracting you from what is Real. The only reason ego seems to be here is because you wanted it. Your greatest power right now is in recognizing when you feel tension and density. This is the ego’s hallmark. If you go directly in whenever you feel this tension, you ignore the lure that the framework of egoic thought is offering you. Go directly in, release the thought that got your attention, and ask to be guided. We show you that you are the power that encompasses the perception of the unreal, and so is everyone you see as else. The power that encompasses the unreal is present in everything you see as separate. Turn your attention to this power, and you are looking at everyone’s equal power.

When ego sends a thought about potential disaster, Spirit is right here offering blessing without end or gap. You always have a choice about where to place your attention, so it is important to remember that there are two places to put your attention. Put your attention on perpetual blessing. It only takes a breath and a refocus to move your attention from certainty of harm to remembrance of eternal blessing. Put your attention upon what you want to arise in your world.

The only true ability any being has is the ability to give and receive blessings. If you are looking at another or yourself, and any tension is present, ask to see that one through the lens of blessing. Look entirely through what ego says is happening on the surface. Look entirely through what ego says that one is or isn’t. Remind yourself: This being gives and receives blessings. Let me see the truth of this being.

How you see the being is how you see yourself. How you see the being is how you see all others. How you see yourself is how you see all beings. Whenever you are looking at anyone who seems separate, and you feel any tension or resistance at all, go in. You do have time. This is what time is for–going in to the source of all blessings and allowing those blessings to flow everywhere.

Ego’s thoughts aren’t your thoughts, and they aren’t the other guy’s thoughts, either. They are a set of thoughts that you requested for the purpose of distraction, however. Whenever you experience the tension of an egoic thought, remember that you are safe in dropping the distraction. Go in to ask for guidance in seeing what is Real. This is your true safety.

We love you, and it is our delight to share the remembrance of what we Are.

Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

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