Love’s dance The five-sense experience tells you that you are housed within a body. When you identify as this body, your happiness seems to depend upon the body's physical comfort, its seeming state of health, its status relative to other bodies, and the level of approval it seems to receive from other bodies. You are Spirit. … Continue reading Love’s dance

When you’re done, you see the One

I received a lovely gift of support from a reader but couldn't find a way to respond back, so I just wanted to say thanks to Darren. What a wonderful surprise! And this is a good time to thank all of my readers. The energy you contribute helps to determine the message, and it is … Continue reading When you’re done, you see the One

We’re waiting at the stream

Hello. Thanks for meeting us down here at the stream. As you can see, the sunlight is mild and gentle. The air temperature is very comfortable, and the water is very soothing. Come on in. Join us. This is a wide and gentle brook. There are flat stones to stand upon. There are patches of … Continue reading We’re waiting at the stream

Body wisdom

Way back when, back in the good old days--we chuckle as we communicate to you about the illusion of time from beyond that illusion, and we can let you in on the joke now. As we were saying, back in those good old days, you experienced a thought. It was a thought of separation from … Continue reading Body wisdom