The comfort of simultaneity You don't need to give yourself time to heal. Sometimes you use the concept of time as a soother, but we're gently directing you away from that into the Now. Because you are willing to have your head turned, we are nudging your gaze over from the unreal to the Real. We work as … Continue reading The comfort of simultaneity

Focus upon the unlimited Time is no limit to you. Time seems to chop up and separate. Time seems to take a toll on bodies and things. Time seems to lead to decay, loss and death. This is a limiting perception that you have chosen. As you and all truly are, you are unlimited. Each time you can … Continue reading Focus upon the unlimited

The timeless will eclipse the timebound Your thoughts make the world you look upon. Stated more accurately, the thoughts you choose to believe make the world you look upon. Two sets of thoughts are always available to you. You hear the thoughts you value. When you realize that stressful thought is not valuable to you, you allow yourself to hear … Continue reading The timeless will eclipse the timebound