Prescription for clear vision

We invite you to notice a moment of judging experience. And then we invite you to view this experience as neutral. It comes to you from past thought, and you can spin a repetition of the experience into the future if you wish to give it significance. What is the alternative to giving it significance, power? It’s to see yourself and others as held in the arms of abundance, always, so there is no need to judge experience. Would you like future events to spring from a repetition of past judgments, or would you like them to spring from the abundance of the now moment?

You can invite yourself into this mode of responding to present experience from the neutrality of it. You can become accustomed to it. As you remember to remind yourself that present experience arises from past thought and is neutral, you leave the door to inspiration open. When you leave the door to inspiration open, you make responsibility possible. Responsibility is the ability to enact inspiration.

You have many names for feelings, but pretend for a moment that you have only two: open and closed. You can feel when the door to inspiration is open and when it’s closed. Feeling is your key. It’s your guide. Feeling tells you when to stop, settle and accept perception correction.

The body is a finely tuned instrument. You can feel resonance. You can feel attraction. You can feel repulsion. The resonance is always about what you are calling to yourself. If it feels as though you are calling something negative to yourself, if you feel repulsion, this is a good moment to stop and request truth, request knowing. From where do you request truth and knowing? From your very own Self, of course, which is ours, too.

We always tell you that it is very simple, and we will tell you again. Complexity is of the ego, the innocent invention you use to stay enmeshed in conflict. We call it innocent to save you a little time. Now you don’t have to spend clock time judging it. It’s simply an option. Ego is never a menace or a limit. it’s only ever been an option to filter unadulterated beauty into the experience of good and bad, right and wrong.

We’ve said that the resonance you’re feeling is always about what you’re calling to yourself. If you’re feeling negativity, if you’re feeling closed rather than open, it’s all about what you’re calling to yourself. Maybe it seems it’s because of a separate thing in your experience, like a loud construction noise or the actions of another embodied being, but those are just the gift wrap. There is nothing you are not, and if you call some form of yourself to yourself, it’s an opportunity to notice what perception you prefer. You may also notice in those moments that you prefer truth and clarity, and you’re willing to accept them now.

Thank yourself for calling these aspects of yourself to yourself so you could feel that you’re willing to drop illusion now. You can feel the depth to which you’re ready to accept knowingness now, and that knowingness is always available through your very own Self–the Self we all  share, Life itself.

The resonance that feels open is peace. You are learning to stay in this resonance beyond all concept, beyond all judgment of experience, because you are allowing yourself to know that you are always held in safety. So as these waves of the past lap at your feet, you want nothing more than to know, to remember, to see.

Your vibration speaks of who you are to all others. In physical terms, you can feel what you call your own vibration, and you can also feel the vibration of what you call the others. When you are abiding in knowingness of your shared Self, you become a beacon for collective remembrance.

You have no obligation to show up as a beacon. It just so happens that the beacon vibration feels better than the positive and negative vibrations that are in conflict with one another, so you will settle here. So will all others. That’s the inevitability of it. Notice how we are not recommending that you abide in a positive vibration? The positive vibrations are still within a system of conflict, so they don’t actually feel good. When you discover what feels better than a relative positive (one that resists a negative) by inviting truth and knowingness to you, you will very naturally abide there.

All beings are connected all the time, across and beyond time and space. When you are aware that you are thinking of another being, how does that connection feel? If any aspect of that connection doesn’t feel good, can you settle until you experience the purity of that connection as it always is, as it always has been?

When you follow that apparent dissonance between persons down, down to the ever-present harmony amongst all beings, and you abide there, you relax. When you relax, you allow the goodness of the universe in. When we say goodness, we mean a goodness that has always encompassed all, not a polarized goodness that opposes a badness in struggle.

When you allow that non-oppositional goodness into your awareness, then you know what to do in response to these beloved others. You stay or you go. You speak or you don’t. And it feels right. Very often, you find pathways to giving and appreciation and mutual enjoyment, but because you don’t judge, you can also take the pathway of non-engagement when that serves all. When you relax, you allow in and you allow out. You allow inspiration in, and you allow its expression through you, through loving thought (or no-thought), loving speech, and loving action.

When you don’t feel good, it is never about something outside of yourself, because nothing is outside of your Self. The not-good feeling is an indicator that your focus is distorted. If you are purely willing to allow a clear focus to come into view, you will allow the distortion to correct itself.

We are here today to assist you with clear vision, and, as always, it is our great honor to serve you.

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

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