Your partnership with the Light, as the Light

Dear Andrea, we have been waiting for you to ask. We support you in going deep into your heart, knowing that all desires are the desire for peace and unity. Everything in your life is perfectly placed, and you want to know who you will encounter. Our answer is that you will always encounter the right one, no matter who appears. Each one is perfectly set upon your path, and you are perfectly set upon theirs–no mistakes.

We want to give you that reassurance–that you can’t make a mistake, that no one can miss meeting you if that is what is to happen. It’s set. It’s solid. It’s secure. We tell you this so you can release into fluidity.

Some partners in life you will only spend a few moments with–a grocery store clerk, for example. But that one is just as much your partner as the one you will spend years with. We ask you to step forward in this spirit–all are your partners. When you meet the one you will be spending more time with, you will be prepared to sink deep into appreciation of who he really is. He is not a surface to please you. He is the same one everyone else is, and that is what makes him perfect. What makes him perfect is what makes you perfect.

Ask and it is given. Know that whatever you have asked for–it is coming to you. You only have to step out of the way. More than anything, we want to assist you with your notion of limits. If you are willing to notice wherever you feel the tension of a limit, and you are willing to hold all of those flawed perceptions up to the light to release them, you will have an easy path through all of your encounters with all of the beloveds. All are beloved. You will love your partner as deeply as you are able to love all and yourself. Fall into the flow of Love, and Love comes to you in many forms. 

If you look off into the distance in your mind’s eye, you see a light approaching you. It gets closer and closer, until you can see that it is a floating lantern bearing a gift. As it gets lower and lower, you can see that it is a notebook. It drops down to you, and you catch it.

This notebook (or computer file) has a specific purpose. You use it to open up communication with your nonphysical friends. As you open up communication with Spirit, you open up a clear and easy path for anyone who needs to find you to reach you directly. In partnership with Spirit, you light up like a beacon because you allow the Light you are, the beautiful reflection of the light everyone Is, to shine through you. 

In this notebook or document, you will need three sections–Hopes, Dreams, & Perception Shift. In the Hope section you write down something you hope for in association with this partner–one thought each day about something that you hope for. Underneath what you wrote, write, “I give this hope to Spirit. Spirit knows what to do with it.” Then see your hope flying to Spirit like a butterfly. It has been released. Have fun with butterfly stickers, drawings or images. Just see that hope being freed, released. 

Then in the Dreams section, check in to see if you have observed yourself in imagination about this future partner. If you did, what did you imagine? Write down one detail. If you feel inspired to write more, write more, but one detail is all you need. Then underneath, write, “I give this Dream to Spirit. Spirit knows what to do with it.” Then see your dream flying Home to Spirit on a breeze. In giving your dream to Spirit, you are giving it to your True Self and to the True Self of your partner. You are sending the dream to the place where you are already joined. 

In the Perception Shift section, write down any thought about your future partner that is associated with a negative feeling. This includes any thoughts about past partners that bring disquiet. Underneath it, write, “I give this perception of difficulty to Spirit. This day is for healing this thought, and I accept this healing today.” In this way, you train your mind to allow Spirit to remove all perception of difficulties, and you learn to flow in faith and trust. 

We suggest that you continue this practice for a month, and longer if it feels life-giving and joyful. This month is a time of allowing new pathways to open in the mind–pathways to ease and appreciation. It is also a time of allowing those old pathways of unhelpful thinking to disappear. 

Prepare to meet the exquisite light your partner is by being willing to see that light in everyone, and by allowing that light to reveal yours. The light we are is your first partnership, and with your focus there, you can meet the form your partner takes with your attention on what is most important.

We delight in meeting you this very moment, and in any moment when your attention is on the light, and we give thanks that you are willing to shine like the beacon you were meant to be. 

Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash