You’ve always been in Heaven

Welcome to hell! No, no…it’s okay. You’re here because you chose it! Good news–it doesn’t get worse than this–unless you imagine a hell beyond the physical existence, but that can’t last too long.

The important thing about hell is that you’re a creator in hell, and your objective is to transform it into Heaven. This is not as hard as it seems. Hell is only a self-created illusion. Rather than changing hell into Heaven, you just need to see through hell on a consistent basis to the Heaven that already is. Then hell can’t keep appearing. Without your power behind the illusion, it can’t continue to come into expression.

When you entered the illusion of hell, it was with the intention of trying to forget who you are, the collective and harmonious creatorship of us all that can never be changed. You were very successful in creating an experience of separation for yourself, but now it’s time to come back to the awareness of Home.

We here in the nonphysical, who exist in a state of harmony and Oneness, are here to tell you that you exist in a state of harmony and Oneness, too. We ask you to remember. We are always here to assist you as you remember.

Divine Creators, what are you going to project out into your world? Are you going to project a greater intensity of conflict before you allow the Love you are to be expressed through you at all times? It is entirely up to you, and you are always held in safety. Who you truly are could never be harmed in any way. Within your self-created hell experience, you could experience harm to an individual you call yourself, but it will never be more than a self-created experience. Love is always the firm foundation underneath it.

You can allow Love into expression at any moment, no matter what you are experiencing, and we are always here to assist with that. Think of a support team of 1,000 nonphysicals surrounding you at all times, and you get the picture. Everyone has a team. There is no one who doesn’t.

There is a tale about hell as a place where all are starving because the handles of their spoons are so long that they find it impossible to feed themselves. It’s not hell anymore when they learn to feed each other. This is what you’re here to see. You’re here to know yourself as Love, to know all others as Love, and to be curious about how Love is going to express itself through you and others today–beyond all stories of the past, beyond all stories of roles.

Play a game with yourself today. Allow everyone in your story to step out of their roles.  Allow everyone to do the very loving and unexpected. Allow yourself to do the very loving and unexpected.

My friend Emilie received a wonderful and loving gift out of the blue yesterday. It’s like that, isn’t it?

It’s Christmas Day. Every day. Every day you can allow yourself to receive wonderful and loving gifts. When you allow this, you give them very naturally. It’s Christmas Day. Every day. Every day you can allow yourself to give wonderful and loving gifts. When you allow this, you receive them very naturally.

On your journey, always remember: Heaven is the only reality. Hell is only an experiment, and you can decide you are finished with it. If you forget, you can decide again. That’s what successive moments are for. When you no longer need successive moments to return to the awareness of who you are and who everyone else is…that’s food for another post about time. In the meantime, enjoy the luxury time gives you to heal, to see clearly, to remember where you truly are–always in Heaven, always in harmony with us.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

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