Melting the perceptual partitions between people

Whenever you encounter a feeling of density between you and another, it is your honor and your privilege to allow your perception of the density to melt. It is your opportunity to view any temptation to see yourself and the other as opposed to one another.

It hurts to judge yourself or others as something other than what you truly are, so you may experience pain when you do that. You may cry. Allow the tears to flow. Each one is a release of who you are not, and an allowing of the space for who you truly are and who the other truly is to come sharply into focus.

Each encounter in thought is an opportunity for the expression of Love. Each encounter in person is an opportunity to listen, to appreciate, to respond lovingly.

No matter how an encounter appears on the surface, it is an opportunity for the expression of Love. It is possible to simply bask in who the other is. It is possible to view their purity, their strength, their empowerment, and your equality with them. All that is necessary is your willingness to truly see who the other is. When you can see that, you can see your purity, your strength, your empowerment. Simply by looking and appreciating, you build the foundation for harmonic interaction that comes into form. Being able to be a conduit for this is a wonderful opportunity.

Every encounter in thought or in person is an opportunity for a gift exchange. If you are seeing the other clearly, you benefit from what comes easily to them. It is shared. If you are seeing the other clearly, you are open-hearted. You have left the door open so the other can receive from you what comes easily to you. Being open-hearted means being open to give and to receive.

The more you experience this, the more divinely greedy you will be for all the wonderful gifts that are available. You do not have to worry about greediness when giving and receiving are always inextricably joined. They always are when your heart is open.

Photo byย chuttersnapย onย Unsplash

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