The effervescence of you

Each time you feel limited, discover what perception you are insisting upon. We love to see you leaping over and bursting through conceptual fences. More than that, we love to see you dissolve them, and we rejoice at your discovery of your ability to do this.

You show up in a sea of thought, do you not? And you are noticing that thoughts are not necessarily yours, but they do get a hearing in your mind. You are aware of them. As you are aware of them, you are equally able to bathe and dissolve them in light and love, if you do not believe them, if you do not fear them, if you do not judge them.

Look at the tremendous service you do yourself and others by easing the negative thought load on the collective. Of course, in those moments when you are connecting in joy, you accomplish the same and more. But we speak now of those moments when a pervasive negativity can be felt and recognized.

To the extent this negativity can be felt and recognized, it is a reflection of your attachment to ego, and your awareness of this is a very good thing. Look at the opportunity you have to dissolve illusions, to claim what is yours–peace, harmony, thriving–and allow all else to fall away. When you do this for yourself, you do this for the collective. This is why interactions with your fellow humans–positive or negative–are so very helpful. They bring up opportunities to dissolve what is not in order that all may experience what Is. 

So when you are out there in the world and you encounter something that feels dense and harsh, ask this: What perception stands in the way of my experiencing my very real freedom, right now? It is only a perception, meaning it is not real, and when you look at it without judgment, without fear, and with all the light and love you are, it dissolves and allows what is and always has been to come into shared experience.

You are the effervescence in which all harshness dissolves. So is everyone else, truly and without exception. As you come to know yourself, you help them come to know themselves, too.

What is so precious about perceptions of limits? Do they keep you safe? Do you need to hold onto them for a particular reason? Oh, you say, when I perceive the limit of the edge of the cliff, I know not to walk off it. What keeps the body through which you communicate from walking off the edge of the cliff? Is it truly fear, or is that just a story fear sells you? Perhaps it is the flow and the abundance that always has you perfectly placed?

We invite you to shine the light you are on all of the stories fear attempts to sell you. Yes, each and every one. That’s is all fear can do–attempt to sell. Ultimately, you are the buyer because you are the power.

When next you see a heavy perception or judgment arising, is it yours? Is it inextricably identified with you? Just who are you anyway? Can you release it? Can you allow it to crumble into dust? Can you simply sit still, watching it, and see if it has any power of its own to hold together? It’s amazing what you can see when you do this. It only takes some willingness to go slowly and to look, and when you look in this way you are accepting our assistance.

The freedom you are is beyond the influence of a personality, and it always has been. The freedom you are is a state from which you can appreciate the beautiful, balanced and harmonious individuation of the whole. You look through illusion, you allow illusion to dissolve, and you allow the experience of mutual joy with your fellows.

Simple, easy, one-two-three-sy. We will never stop saying how simple this is. It is not about knowledge or intellect or success in your world’s terms. It is only about going slowly, looking with love, sharing peace, sharing joy.

When you stay in an expanded state, you are not projecting upon others. When you are not projecting upon others, they are not hearing and following the thoughts that suggest to them that they enact your projections. You’re truly all doing this together, and if harmony is not apparent on the surface, it is always there beneath a very thin layer of illusion.

It is our joy to watch your discovery of the power to dissolve illusions that all share. You activate and strengthen it in one another. Shine on!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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