Releasing the constructs of calamity

…or something bad is going to happen.

Listen for that during your day today. How do you know you’re consulting ego rather than the benign power of the shared Self for guidance? You’ll see that wheel turning. You’ll hear it in your thoughts. “I’ve got to do this or not do that, because if I don’t, something bad will happen.”

Feel how it’s different without fear, in the flow.
“It’s time to do this.”
“I feel like doing that.”
“I want to do this now.”
“I’m in the middle of a particular action, even if I feel resistance, and I accept that. I am open to guidance.”

No threats, no control. You step outside the construct of threatened calamity.

Okay, now go watch the news. 😊 When you step outside the construct of threatened calamity, the news looks very different. Can you even say for certain that what they are doing is threatening calamity? If you look at the patterns of your mind, haven’t you been supporting them in doing that for a very long time, since early childhood?

How would it be possible for those beings of light, those playing the roles of newscasters, to do anything else, when fear is what you have projecting? The buck stops here. So now you, a being of light, are watching the news. Without blame. Without judgment.

What comes up? Maybe compassion. Maybe emotion. Maybe some more to release there. If tears come, remember each one is a drop of fear leaving you. The old programming cannot dominate anymore.

Maybe appreciation comes up. Maybe you can watch the news, see the newscasters in their finery and makeup, and not judge them. Maybe you can see all the beings in each story, on both sides of any issue, and feel nothing but compassion, connection, and a deep desire for peace. Maybe you begin to recognize all your brothers and sisters there.

Maybe you begin to laugh, which is just as effective as crying when it comes to releasing that old programming. Each contraction and expansion as you laugh escorts another bubble of fear to the surface, where it can pop into the nothingness it always was.

Every apparent problem in the world–you’ve been projecting each one from your armchair, and how beautiful to stop. How beautiful to see the radiance of each of your siblings and break all the fetters that have held things in place.

When you think of breaking the fetters, does fear come up? Will chaos ensue if you release your control? It looks and feels like chaos now out there in your world, if you haven’t noticed yet. The only control you ever had was over the dancing marionettes following the instructions of fear. It was only a perceived control over chaos. A dream of control, never real. Nothing you have ever regarded as control has ever been real.

Love, on the other hand, can never be anything other than benign. It can never express itself in a way other than divine order and balance. You and the world you’re projecting in every moment stand everything to gain by your release of control. It’s only the release of fear.

Part of your sense that calamity was coming (an integral part of each separate identity based in fear–without it conflict is not possible) is tied into the idea that you deserve punishment.

You may project that out for a while or for centuries thinking that someone else is at fault, but eventually you will realize that the basis of all fault-finding is a sense of personal guilt about “messing things up” here. You think that because you choose fear and separate identity, you have destroyed the Love that you were. You think there can never be any forgiveness for such an atrocity. This is where the idea of hell came from and why you have been projecting it out into your world in one form or another throughout the experience of separation you call time.

First of all, you are not and never can be separate. As you express through various body-minds, you are given various names in many different times and places. There’s only one divine you, however. If someone tells you to go fuck yourself, you can tell them with love, playfulness and humor that it couldn’t possibly be any other way.

You are Love, you have always been Love, and there’s no possible way you could ever be anything other than Love. The same goes for everyone enacting roles in this Earth drama. You can represent an idea of wrongdoing or disharmony or evil, but it is never more than a self-created illusion, a very realistic experience, but only a manufactured experience.

Second of all, how could you deserve punishment from yourself? The harmonious Self, the only real Self, can never be anything other than Oneness. We differentiated into form for the pure joy of it, but outside of the chosen experience of the fear virus, there is no way for us to oppose one another.

We can appreciate with each other and create in joy, but we can never truly oppose one another. Here on Earth and in other experiences where fear is cherished to create the illusion of separate identities, you can believe that it’s possible for you to oppose and harm one another, but it’s never real. The body-minds are projected out into these fear-based experiences to battle with each other beyond remembrance of your true state of harmony. The body-minds are action figures. How real are wars with toy soldiers?

So how will the Earth drama end? How do you want it to end? Do you want Love to win the day? What does it look like when Love wins the day? The illusion of fear passes away, and the reality of Love expresses itself in form. Are you willing to release fear and to allow Love to express itself through you in each moment?

What is it that the One Will wants to express through the body-mind you see as yourself? Let yourself be carried on that river. Be curious about where it’s going. Remember your eternal innocence, remember the innocence that is the foundation of everyone around you, and welcome delight and playfulness as the old passes away and the new comes into experience.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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