Try on some new forms of experience

There are many ways of receiving information, but we favor words. Think about words for a moment. Think about all the various languages across the globe. Languages are shared agreements. They are shared agreements to hear particular sounds and to derive particular meanings. They are shared intent.

There are so many possibilities open to you beyond what you currently allow into your experience. For example, in the case of language, is it truly particular sounds that convey meaning? It’s shared intent and shared belief. Groups of people share the intent that they will be understood by one another, so they believe that they make these particular sounds, and they believe that the sounds, and their subsequent interpretations, are the basis for understanding.

Everything you experience here–everything–is based upon belief. Once you open up to that, you also open up to a much broader field of possibilities. What if you could hear any language with a pure intent to understand, so you did? What if you could speak with a pure intent to be heard, so any language at all could come from you?

It’s definitely possible. Our invitation to you is to fling open your perceptual doors to invite all of these possibilities in.

What if you could heal remotely? You can. All things come into balance. When you believe that profoundly, then that is your experience. Healing is nothing more than the restoration of balance to your awareness. In reality, all things are always balanced. Allowing healing means that you allow it to come into your view here in the illusion.

What if you could share peace like a very kind virus? You can. Anyone can. Anyone can do any of these things, and that’s where it starts to get really beautiful. When you see that wide-open conduit to possibilities active in all others at all times, you see it open in yourself. There’s nothing anyone has to do to earn it–to earn immediate access to the benign power of who they truly are.

The power of Love can never be opposed by anything. There isn’t any other thing to oppose it. Love is all there is. Anything else is an illusion, and it can be seen through.

It’s worth taking a moment to look at any beliefs you have that would block Love’s possibilities from being expressed through you and through others in your experience. What if everyone could fly? Would that be too weird or chaotic? What if anyone could alter their body shape instantly? Would body shapes get too distorted and strange? What if you could heal anyone at any time? Would you be mobbed?

In each instance, it is only fear that blocks the expression of Love in your experience. Isn’t it nice to know that fear is not real? Isn’t it comforting to remember that fear is only part of a self-created illusion?

So dream. Stay open. Invite. Enjoy. There are so many possibilities for loving communication and experience among beings here on Earth, and among beings throughout time and space. Try a few new ones by seeing through the fiction of fear and allowing the expression of Love in your experience today.

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

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