Thanks for intense experiences

The best thing you can do for someone in pain or experiencing great challenge is to see their empowerment. When you can see theirs, you can see and experience yours. Is there any way in which you are blocking your own empowerment?

If “why is this happening” coming up, it’s because you chose it. You chose to experience a challenge to your perception, and your partner in perception (the one who is suffering) chose it with you. There is release for you both there. Rise to the challenge. Accept the opportunity.

You want to meet their true Selves, not their selves of pain, not their selves of fear. You want to know, right now, that who they truly are is Love and Light. You want to remember that right now, in this moment, the one in front of you has full access to creative power (always, because they are creating right now). You want to remember that they are always fully empowered, always fully loved, always fully loving, no matter how the surface appears. Who they are cannot be changed.

When you hold that loving space for gazing upon who they truly are in every moment, despite how the surface appears, you help put them in touch with their own power to create an experience of relief. When you take the time to align yourself in this way, then you know what to do. You know how to respond. It becomes clear. You want to be truly helpful, and taking the time to align your perception opens your access to the help that is always there for you.

If you remember that they are fully worthy of healing and they are always worthy of the experience of thriving, you’ll see that nothing could change that. When you see that this is true for another, you will see clearly that it is true for you. We always heal together.

We’re always looking at a mirror image. To the extent that you feel anything other than peace when in the presence of one who is suffering, to the extent that you suffer when in the presence of one who is suffering–that is your invitation to clean house. When you clean house, when you clear your perceptions, then you can be truly helpful to the one who is suffering.

Guilt is an emotion that indicates a willingness to suffer, to turn to the will that is separate rather than the one that is Whole. The other one is not suffering because you were bad and you didn’t do enough. Each one creates his own experience, without exception. The only way we partner with each other is in sharing creation.

Accept the suffering one as they appear now, keeping who they truly are in view. If you are able to do it for the suffering one, you are able to do for yourself. If you are not able to accept the suffering ones as they appear right now, it’s an indication that you don’t feel able to accept yourself as you appear right now.

There’s a difference between how you are and how you appear. Remembering that all events are neutral, how you appear right now is neutral. How the person in front of you appears right now is neutral.

Fear comes up here. If you see the events in the life of someone who appears to be facing great pain as neutral, how will you do anything for that person? Your suffering doesn’t help the other person. Your suffering magnifies the other person’s experience of suffering. The doing that truly helps the suffering one comes after you get your head on straight. They are gifting you with a very deep and transformative experience of doing that. The appropriate first response to the one who shows up as suffering is a silent thank-you.

After you get there, after you truly feel that silent thank-you for what they show you to release, you are inspired to the action that is truly helpful. This is the space in which compassion can be expressed. This is the most helpful, most loving use of time. Time was first brought into being as a means of experiencing the separate will of fear. Time is now here for the purpose of healing. Each moment is your opportunity to use time wisely in the love of the shared Self and your equal empowerment.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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