Fear is unexpressed Love

I was reflecting on how receiving and communicating these ideas is an ecstatic experience, and I understood that this is simply what it is like when we don’t refer to fear to mediate our experience. Stunning!

We have been playing for a while with the very effective idea that fear is nothing. If you can, think of ideas as not true all by themselves, because they are words and concepts.  If you give the words and concepts too much attention, you miss how they are only a means of conveying something intangible to you because  you are loving and because you are ready for it.

Here is another equally playful and effective idea about fear: Fear is only unexpressed Love, trapped as your perception of your identity. It is only the idea of what you think you can do with Love–to trap it and form it, when Love can only ever be free flowing and always available to all. You have imposed this idea upon your experience here, but it’s not real. It is only a perception.

Let’s take a moment–like a lit candles and floating-in-the-bathtub moment. Let’s remember something key about perceptions. They are flimsy as all fuck. That’s the amazingly tricky thing about the Earth game (or any game in any location where conflict is present)–what you perceive seems to be so real. It seems to have so many deep and intricate roots. Some perceptions seem like they will never pass away, making room for vision.

That’s only because it’s your choice. Hear this. Know this. As you walk around in your Earth game today, remember how flimsy and insubstantial perception is. Blow on it like dandelion fluff. It can’t stand up to it. Fearful perception cannot stand up to the clarity of light. You ARE the light The core of this game is walking around pretending you and the others are not Light.

Something kept sort of tickling the back of your brain and wouldn’t leave you alone, though. You are here to change the game. The game is no longer about seeing how far you can go from the awareness of Home. It’s now about maintaining and radiating the awareness of Home in every moment, everywhere you go, to the point at which this awareness expresses itself in form, in daily experience.

The fear cube of your separate identity must melt because you keep taking it out into the sunshine of your true Self to play. The Love is set free to flow every time you do. It never has done anything but flow freely, but now you will allow yourself the experience of that here on Earth.

When we share ideas, we also share the idea of sharing lightly. If you have to shout about an idea or convince someone into alignment with an idea, it has lost its sparkle. It’s a dead thing now.

If sharing an idea feels like offering a cookie or an apple, that’s light. That’s effective. The Truth can only sparkle and attract when it’s handled lightly. That doesn’t mean that one never explores a dark side. The sharing of feeling, vulnerability and experience can be done in a light and loving way (not always humorous, sometimes just penetrating and honest) that communicates itself very easily. A truth communicated can be very light yet very strong.

True communication melts fear. True communication brings fear out into the open, in a shared experience, where it can melt in the light of acceptance. Then we walk away with a lighter sense of identity, a stronger sense of ease and flow.

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

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