Embracing the energy of desire

You are in the habit of judging desire. Instead, you can see it as the innocent and loving impulse that calls us forward.

Desire shows us a possible future. Is this where we want to go? Are there any issues that come up in this space? The issues are our opportunity to see what blocks or distorts the innocent flow of Life, of life-giving desire. The issues are there for us to see and release to the light.

The desires themselves simply call us and show us, call us and show us.

They seem so impossible.

They only seem impossible because of your own false perceptions that block your view of the harmony of thought, feeling, desire and action. Simply allow that harmony to emerge on the surface of life, through you.

Any desire at all–even if it’s a desire for a nap, for a million dollars, for a candy bar, for the news to just stop–all desires have at their root Divine Will, and they all call you. If a desire doesn’t seem like love and light to you, that’s perfect. Having that desire brought up the tension and limiting beliefs that you have held onto as yourself all these years. Nonphysicals stand all around you in this moment, very loving and ready to complete their function of receiving and transmuting what you are not.

Please remember this. You are in an energetic spa all of the time. There is no moment when you are not completely surrounded by love, by the loving beings who will take what you don’t need, leaving room for inspiration and a fresher sense of Divine Will to enter.

Let’s say you are experiencing a desire you are judging. You acknowledge the energetic spa staff that surrounds you in every moment. You acknowledge your team. You look at what arises, innocently. “Would you look at that? How about that? I carried that heavy sense of conflict around and didn’t even notice it. Or I did notice it, but I thought it was something I had to struggle to suppress or master by myself. Not so. Never so. I can see now that I have never, ever been alone. You have always been there for me.”

Take a moment here to pause. You may in this moment invite your visual sense to communicate to you more about the beings who are always there, always with love. If fear arises, simply acknowledge that as another curiosity. You–as a separate entity–don’t have to master your fear. The process of mastery is allowing your energetic team to take from you what you don’t need, leaving room for the new and fresh to come in. Mastery is allowing. First it’s passive, and then it’s active as the flow of inspiration comes to you and through you.

Think of allowing fear to leave the planet through you. Think of allowing the flow of harmony on this planet through you. Can you see what an honor and a privilege it is, every moment that you, a towering being of light, use the body in front of you, the one you seem to inhabit, to communicate and experience flow and harmony?

Again, if you find yourself judging a desire, simply remember the presence of your team, acknowledge that conflict is coming up for you, and hand it over. If it feels safe to explore the original desire with innocence, do so. If it doesn’t, work with your team, asking for a renewal of your perception so you can see that desire for what it is.

Renewal happens when you release what you don’t need. In this case, it’s a sense of conflict and judgment. See yourself placing it in an envelope, and sealing it. See yourself handing it over. See yourself placing it in an Easter basket and gifting your energetic team with what they have always been there to receive. See yourself shooting it teamward in the form of a paper airplane. See it any playful way you choose, as long as you remember to hand over your distorted sense of yourself and your desires.

Bonus: The more you do this, the more you’ll have a much kinder view of everyone else and their desires. Let’s take a look at the current judgment of men’s sexual desires. The judgment is not wrong. We do not want to pile up judgement on top of judgment. Anger is a much more powerful emotion than depression. Anger allows the flow of desire more than depression does. It feels better.

There’s also a lot going on regarding speaking freely and dropping conformity. There is a lot going on regarding self-worth.  Whenever we have a common enemy, though, we’re blocking the flow of desire. Take responsibility. Take responsibility for all that you experience. You are experiencing a world where sexual energy is out of balance. Take responsibility in allowing the innocent flow of desire to you and through you, and you will see the world change. You are collectively projecting this experience, always.

What you want is for the flow of desire to call you to Divine Will, to truly helpful and loving action within your world. The important idea to take away from this is that desire is not bad. It calls us to harmony. It calls us to love. It calls us together. If it looks like your desire calls you into separation or selfishness, simply look at it. See what comes up. Allow, release, knowing that renewal always comes in the wake of release.

Why do you think there is so much distortion of your collective experience around the pursuit of physical orgasms? We all know this. We all know, at some level, that renewal comes in the wake of release. Well, what if you could be having the bliss and union of sex all of the time? Your team is there, always around you, for the purpose of release. Renewal–relaxation and freshness and lightness–always follows in the wake of release. What if everyone knew this, and it never required the pursuit of another person?

It’s a game-changer. It’s a literal game-changer, so remember your team, the best stalkers anyone could ever have. There are so many of them. You’ve been in a really powerful and beneficial gang all along, and you had no idea. Look around you. Yeah, they’re never going to leave, so keep that desire alive and vital. Consult it often. It is your North Star.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Embracing the energy of desire

  1. Incredible. I was just battling with acknowledging my desires and how extremely resistant i am to that due to a lifetime of selfnegation. Acknowledging the slightest preference gives me so much anxiety that I just shut down and decide to not have desires at all. I’m always worried about the strenuous and steep work to attain every desire (or so I assumed) that it erases the sweetness of the desire. All I see is difficulty, impossibility, failure, fatigue, boredom, anxiety. Sigh

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    1. I’ve been there. It helps to remember that “there” is not a real place. Home is the real place. Still narcoleptic! Keep forgetting where I am. Constant process of remember and release, remember and release.

      The encouraging part is when the muck that floats to the surface seems particularly thick or impenetrable, I have just witnessed a piece of the false self break free. It’s there, floating. It can be released. That’s the part my trusty imaginary friends tell me to stop and appreciate: Look what you let surface. Look what you let come into your awareness. You’re not hiding from it. That’s huge.

      Since you’re looking at it, and you *are* the light, it has to begin to dissolve now. It’s a rule. ❤️️


  2. Yes!! I am in a continual, yet evolutionary state of sensing, observing, consulting with my Celestial Team and letting it go! Growing from it all! I give thanks unto The Most High for this experience in all its facets that help us refine and define our truest and deepest desires. I feel that wombmen struggle in this area most for centuries of being shamed for having them. I am so thankful for you and many other pure hearts voicing your hearts and restoring the balance! 🖤

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