Purging the distrust

We encourage you, when interacting with anyone, in thought or in person, to remember the primary intention for interaction: The towering being of light that I am is meeting the towering being of light that you are.

From that stable basis, desire can communicate to you and through you in a more stable and clear way.

What would you have to lose by seeing someone as a towering being of light?

Only your distrust. Only your sense that you are not protected. Only your sense that you must push against others to achieve, to self-define or just to feel good.

Wherever you are, you send out a call. Do you want to send out a call to the superficial and frightened aspects of separate mind? Or do you want to send out a call to the purity of everyone’s true identity?

What do you want to bring forth in your world? What do you want to magnify?

You are choosing. You are deciding. You are calling circumstances and events to you–from a very young age.

Remember, only Love is real. Wouldn’t you rather interact with the world on the basis of reality rather than fiction? The fiction you experience is always chosen. This is a hard one, but it’s the key.

If you are experiencing a fiction you dislike, you are innocent. You have been projecting that fiction into your world in innocence because you didn’t know what you were doing. You didn’t know how it worked.

Once you take 100% responsibility for your projection, that’s when things really start to get interesting.

Remember this: Who you are is not subject to any world or to the events in it. You could never be anything other than Love. Neither could anyone else. Love is prior to all events and circumstances.

Therefore, when you are in the presence of anyone else, in thought or in person, remember the Love that they are. Remember the Love that you are. Call to that part in each one of you.

Don’t try to be loving. This is a hard one. If you are trying to be loving, you are building up an entity that is not your true self. Therefore, you are introducing disorder into your world. You are creating forces that will be opposed. Good guys (the loving ones) vs. bad guys.

If you keep your focus on wanting to see clearly as your primary desire, all other desires will follow from that and call you to what is real. No more fakery. No more separate-self-created substitutes that only seed opposition in your world. You are worth the real thing. You are it.  So is the other guy.

Photo by Marc Wilnauer on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Purging the distrust

  1. Thank you. This has helped me discover something I struggled with throughout my life. It was so hard for me to relate with people because I had this fiction about them. That they were this and that. I never looked at people with love. I built walls around myself because I was afraid of getting hurt. I pretended to be loving to others but the truth was I didn’t want people to see me as someone who didn’t look at them for who they were. As I reflected on these words, I realised I created a fiction of myself, a fiction of people. And life was getting hard to live.


    1. This is something I’m learning, too, and it’s such a relief to see more clearly now. It’s so wonderful to hear from people who also find this helpful. ❤️️


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