Conduits for the unknown

We are conduits for the unknown. The unknown is the mystery, impossible to judge. It’s the extension of Love that wants to flow through us. The only thing that can stop it is the rigidity and separate-self-control that comes from our identification with fear. Fear is only an experience that we invite. It is never reality.

If we encourage ourselves to see through the experience to the reality of Love on a consistent basis, we come to see how we’re making all of this up. We get many chances to laugh. We get just as many to feel what we’ve hidden from our awareness and to release it. That’s called cleaning out the conduit and keeping it clean so the unknown can flow through you freely.

What would fear have you do? It would have you respond to the unknown with contraction, with protectiveness of a separate self. See where this happens. Feel it. Look at it. All that is false dissolves in the light of awareness.

The mask falls away. The armor disintegrates. There you are, vulnerable and subject to…Love. Love is both the subject and the object. There is nothing else. If something else arises in your perception, remember that above all, you want to see.

This is not running away. In order to allow the presence of Love to become clear in your perception, you must allow yourself to feel. You must allow yourself to see what you have been hiding from. You must allow yourself to see where you use the contraction of distraction as a tool to keep the unknown at bay. You throw everything open to the light.

It’s an act of courage, an act of bravery. After you have done it, you don’t need bravery anymore.

Be playful with this idea of the unknown as you encounter people and experience situations. When you catch yourself defining, judging, or making assumptions about someone, stop for a moment. What if you could allow yourself to see that one as the conduit for the unknown that she is?

When you catch yourself defining or limiting a situation, stop for a moment. What if you could allow this situation to be the conduit for the unknown that it is? Remember, the unknown is that which has not been defined or categorized. It is freedom, vitality, and love. You have been taught to contract in order to restrict its flow into your experience. You can unlearn this.

Whatever you are tempted to define, categorize, judge, limit–it doesn’t keep you safe. It keeps you in fear. When you identify with fear, when you attach to it as yourself, fear tells you that contraction keeps you safe. Listen to it. When you listen to its message in awareness, without a sense of threat, it dissolves. When you shine a light on the suggestion to contract, expansion takes over.

Whatever you are tempted to define, categorize, judge, limit–it’s a mirror. It’s an opportunity for release, every time. It’s an opportunity to let the new, the fresh, the unknown in, every time. It’s Love knocking at your door, every time, without exception.

Whenever you experience a temptation to define, categorize, judge, limit or compare, you are receiving an invitation to witness how we create our fictional world through thought and projection. It’s truly fascinating. When you see how it works, you see how you and all others have been innocent the whole time. It’s the basis for forgiveness and clarity. It allows you to see others as the Love they are. If they don’t know it yet, but you can see them that way, they can come to know themselves.

Let’s say you’re having an experience out there in the world with people, and you think one guy is really tense and having a negative overall effect on the situation. Notice the contraction and tension in yourself as you think this about him. “But it’s true!” you think. Think of it as this way: It’s apparent. It’s what appears now. What appears now, properly perceived, can guide you to the truth. The truth is yet to be discovered. When you’re seeing truly, you feel good.

So back to this guy, he’s your mirror. If you’re capable of seeing him as a defect, it means you are hiding from your perception of your own defectiveness as a separate self. Remember that you are not truly separate. You are always connected across time and space. In seeing that guy as tense, contracted, and having a negative effect, you are calling this appearance and this experience into that situation. You are magnifying the imbalance on the surface rather than calling to the true Balance that is always deep within every person and every situation.

When you learn that you can always call to what is deep and what is true, you are delighted to meet everyone. There is no situation that is a threat to you.

Those good feelings that you want to experience all the time? They are always there, in the deep and the true. In every situation, call to the deep and the true. See past the surface and invite Love and Light into every situation. There’s no battle here and nothing to conquer. It’s only a matter of seeing clearly.

Photo by Vladimir Chuchadeev on Unsplash

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