Earth never needed to forgive you

Oh my goodness, I have been talking to the Earth through my imaginary friends. Much like with humans, I wasn’t allowing her through or really listening to her because fear and guilt were in the way.

Your harmonic connection with Earth is already established. It is a precondition. There are many versions of the planet that you have projected. You are coming into alignment with the harmonious one, because you are coming to know yourselves as the harmonious ones.

You emerge. Each day, you emerge into a self-created world. If your world includes guilt and blame and judgment, your world will reflect that back to you. Your world is a mirror. Every person you meet is a mirror. They all show you what you are projecting, and they all give you an opportunity to clean it up.

There are many joyous beings always surrounding you who are elated to be part of this clean-up process with you. A very important part of the energetic clean-up process is the release of fear and guilt, the release of who you are not.

Every day, when you wake up, you re-establish an identity. You may put that identity in conflict with others. Are you willing to notice wherever stress or tension enter your experience? This is the key to release and to the allowance of joy, balance and harmony–in your life and on your planet.

You have an option to let stress and tension that arise be a platform for reactivity and judgment, but that keeps you trapped in the disordered physical world that you have projected–a world and a people out of balance.

Do you want to get up every morning and join in projecting disorder?

What would you like instead? What would you like to enter into your experience, into the experience of the planet?

Let’s go carefully. Let’s step slowly together. If you announce about yourself, “I am projecting disorder and I must stop!” there is still blame there. There is still a sense of rigid, fear-based control that obscures the flow of the Love that you are. We need to wash it all clean.

It’s like waking up from a dream. You realize everything is actually okay, but you were very confused for a while. You were confused about who you were, and you were confused about what you were able to do. You were confused about who everyone else is, and you were confused about where you were.

Now you are remembering. Clarity is returning. You’re experiencing a transition from the old to the new. In the old version of the Earth you were projecting, you had experiences, decided what the problems were, and set yourself to work on fixing them. You might stop for some blame along the way. This kept you trapped within the deteriorating one-version of an Earth sinking into disorder.

You don’t save the Earth, although it looks that way in the timeline. You simply remember where you are, in a healed and whole place, energetically speaking. You remember that although you dreamed a fantastic dream, you have never done anything wrong, and neither has anyone else. It’s been an illusion projected from Reality–all of it. You were safe in Reality and Wholeness the entire time. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible special effects.

You’re staying within this Earth experience, communicating to all minds across time and space through the body you call yours. This is what you have always been doing, but you’re waking up to it now. Your mind is ceasing its constant sending out of a distress signal. Other minds are stopping with you. When the distress signal stops, the joy and passion you and all others always are and always have been is free to flow through and express itself on your Earth.

That Earth will reflect back to you the frequency and intensity of distress signals. It will also reflect back to you the joy and the passion. Once you realize that you’re okay, and so is everyone else, you will relax. You will stop sending out that distress signal that projects disorder on your Earth.

When thinking of your Earth, it’s important to transcend victimization. If you promote a view of Earth as a victim, you will awake each morning in a version of the planet that is being victimized, that is enacting suffering in very visible ways.

Let’s go way, way back to when you decided to experiment with fear. It was before this lifetime. Let’s go way back to it. You’re innocent. You wanted to see how far away from harmony you could travel, and you have had quite a trip. You can return Home at any time, in each moment.

So here is your energetic healing team of nonphysicals, always surrounding you. They are delighted to partner with you to bring harmony back to your Earth experience. They encourage you to become aware of any moment in which you contract into fear, blame, negative anticipation, or anything that feels tense. They are there to receive that from you. When you are willing to hand over false perception, your tendency to emit a distress signal fades away.

It doesn’t leave you powerless. It leaves you with the power to share peace, harmony, vitality and healing with all minds across time and space. It enables you to join consciously in a joyous co-creative dance.

When you hand over the false perception that leads you to emit a distress signal–always in innocence–then passion, joy and vitality flow into the space that was occupied by contraction into fear. This is able to flow through you into the world. This is where the action part comes in. First you get your head on straight. You remember what you did and how you got lost in a pattern of reactivity and recreation along a trajectory of increasing disorder.

Then you allow healing. When you allow true healing for yourself, you allow it for everyone and everything. This is no small thing, even though you can do it with nobody noticing. This is the meek-shall-inherit-the-earth part.

You are always very loved because you are love. So is the other guy. Good morning! May you magnify the love that already is today.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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