Blue skies

When you look at another person (either in thought or in the physical–equally powerful), if your mind is not clear, you are seeing them through a cloud. The cloud is made up of your fear-based perceptions about yourself in relation to your fear-based perceptions about that other and the world in general.

Would you like to walk around seeing clearly all day? Simply knowing what to say, knowing what to do, beyond all reason because it’s just clear? Then release fear-based perception. It’s always allowing, no matter what you are experiencing. You’re either allowing clarity or misperception in every moment.

Now look. You don’t know a single thing, in the lower-case k sense. You do Know the only thing there is to know. You are Love. So is that guy. What will come up in that space between you? When you have genuine curiosity about this, what is completely new can come into that space.

When you don’t allow misperception to cloud your view, healing comes into that space. Ease comes. Appreciation comes. Order and balance come. They are the foundation of the new.

Go ahead. Look at another person and try to define that one. You’re only going to bump into your own projection, every time. Every experience you have reflects how you have thought about them or about similar situations in the past.

The Now is always a clear, calm moment–waiting for you to release whatever is not true from it. Your feelings are your guide to whatever is not true–about others, about the world, about you.

Ego would give you complex reasons to hang onto what is not true and what is not you in order to control situations, but the type of control the ego advocates always leads to more disorder, more stress, and more of an urge to use fear in order to create an illusion of individual control. Ego will use morality, the idea of goodness, the idea of kindness, the idea of avoiding harm to others, the idea of achieving ideals beneficial to others and yourself–anything at all that would keep your concept of you contained within this fear spiral that you chose.

You chose it. You have the power, and you are the power. The same is true for everyone else. They have the power, and they are the power. It could never be any other way.

When you dedicate yourself to seeing through the clouds of projection and attachment to fear that prevent you from seeing and experiencing Truth in every moment, your vision becomes more powerful and consistent. True vision never involves stress. Feel into it. Experience it.

Eventually, the more you look, the more you will accept that the experiences you have today are literally created by your thoughts of yesterday. Because you elected to emerge within a timeline, yesterday is gone. You have only now. Remember this as you pass through all self-projected experiences without blame, without judgment. From this clear space–this is where you get to clean it all up.

You allow the Love and Truth you are to emerge into experience, into form. As you realize how good this feels, you’ll just stay in this spot. You’ll stay Home, where you never get confused. See what comes into your Now when you dwell where you actually are, in the seat of all shared power.

Photo by Sam Schooler on Unsplash

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