Allowing love or fear

You’re always allowing either one thing or the other–loving perception or fearful perception. When you make thoughts that don’t feel good the foundation and springboard for additional thoughts and action out there in your world (the one you made by using fear to create an experience of being separate from All That Is), you are continuing the process of world-building.

There comes a time, however, when you look at all you have wrought out of fear, and you feel a power beyond that fear. When you decide to flow with this power, your true identity, the identity that connects you inextricably with every molecule, you are engaging intentionally in world healing. To the extent that you allow your mind to be healed, to the extent that you allow clarity to return, that is the extent to which you are able to bring healing to your world and to share it with others.

Any thought that doesn’t feel good–that casts you or other in the role of helpless victim in the world, that casts you or other in the role of powerful aggressor in the world–is a lie. The way to know a lie is that it doesn’t feel good. The not-good feelings are very helpful alerts to let you know that you are accepting insanity as normality.

When you realize that these feelings are your kind guides and helpers rather than some torture to which you’re being subjected, when you drop that victim mentality about feelings, life becomes much simpler. Life becomes easier when you are willing to feel.

At first it hurts. All the feelings you have denied, suppressed, hidden, distorted and made part of the structure of your false identity come rushing up to the surface for release. This is their day of freedom. Any way in which you have aligned your way of living with lies becomes apparent. While not necessarily fun, it is freeing.

Imagine that you have been imprisoned your whole life. You are given the chance to leave that prison. At first, it might feel very frightening and disorienting. You are accustomed to limits, and suddenly you are free. Don’t forget the beauty of your freedom as you allow your confusion to clear. It takes time, but it is well worth the time you invest in the process of allowing yourself to feel and remembering your willingness to release your attachment to fear.

When you become committed to this process, you will know that every circumstance that comes to you has come as a way to reveal these hidden feelings–the ones you put aside at ages 2, 8, 19 and beyond–and to remember your willingness to release your attachment to fear.

Remember that your job is not to make the fear go away or to change it into anything. Your only job is to see your hand release its hold on the unfelt feelings that were formed in the dark into building blocks used to create an identity that was never you. You used these blocks of unfelt feelings to create identities for everyone else you met, too–all false. You used the power of your mind to do this. You can use the very same power to illuminate this process with the light that you are, allowing the blocks to tumble and disintegrate.

The important thing to remember is that fear is nothing. It is a clever and masterful illusion, but it is nothing. Every time it is brought into the light, it disappears. When you remember that you are the light, and so is the other guy, you remember to laugh. The light is real. Fear is nothing.

Each day, a fountain of what you are not–if you are still holding on to any scraps of it–comes up to the surface for release. In the wake of that release comes joy and ease. Then you become aware of the next layer. When you become aware of the next layer of unfelt feelings, it is a success! You have accessed that which you have not allowed yourself to access before. Today is always a day for release of that which you never needed.

How do you know if you are still holding onto what you never needed? If the other guy disturbs you in any way, you’re holding on. You’re holding onto limits, and you’re holding onto fear. You’re purposely putting a kink in the hose that delivers benign power, inspiration and ease to you because you fear it. The only thing you have ever feared is Love, because Love is the only thing that is real. All else is illusion.

When that fountain of what you don’t need comes up for release, you can do two things, and only two things. You can find a location to hide your uncomfortable feelings within the illusion of the world you are projecting. You can blame the other guy and believe he is something other than love. You can perpetuate the illusion you chose. You can blame yourself and believe you are something other than love. You can keep playing within the illusion of disorder you’re projecting. You can hide your uncomfortable feelings in the world you’re creating. This means that you feel subject to it, victim to conditions that are more powerful than the power you are. You can hide from yourself, from your power.

You can also realize that you are being handed a gift. You’re being given the chance to feel a feeling that you refused to feel long, long ago. You’re being given the chance to remember your willingness to release fear in all its forms. You’re being given the chance to accept healing for yourself and for the world in its place.

You can heal the world from your armchair, although inspiration may carry you elsewhere. No matter where you appear to be, you are always held within Love’s embrace. When you get very good at remembering this, you get very good at transcending limits that have always been constructed of flimsy perception. Remember the strength that you are, and allow it to flow into your experience today. Remember the strength that the other guy always was, regardless of appearances, and allow it to flow into your experience today.  Remember the power, beauty and love inherent in each situation, no matter how it appears, and allow it to flow into your experience today in the wake of release.

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

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