Three breaths

Shall I entitle this blog “Broken Record”? I say this because there is so much repetition and strong focus on the process of feeling and releasing fear. I feel as if the words that yearn to come tapping out of my fingers say the same thing, over and over again. I do feel the learning in it, though, and I am deeply appreciative.

It only takes three breaths to stop and see. Less than. But three breaths if you really want to savor it.

Nothing will serve you more in the life story consciousness is projecting than the ability to stop and see, stop and see, until you are firmly established in your true identity. If you are believing a fearful thought of any kind, you are not firmly established in your true identity.


Exhale: Notice the fearful thought.

Exhale: Affirm your willingness to feel the impact of the thought.

Exhale: Feel your natural willingness to release fear.


Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels 

If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next chapter:
Chapter 2 – Moving down through the layers
As we are willing to explore uncomfortable feelings, we allow the remembrance of who we are to return to us.
2.1 The good news

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