Fear has a system vulnerability

Contraction, release. Contraction, release. Think of the contraction and release in laughter, in crying, in childbirth, in breathing. You go in, and you release out.

Because fear is a contraction inward, it has a system vulnerability that can never allow it to become completely dominant. You can spend thousands and thousands of years and lifetime after lifetime tangoing with it, but eventually, you get bored. You feel done.

When you feel done with fear, you start to notice. You’re not as distracted anymore. And then you notice the failsafe that was built into the system. Remember, fear is only an experiential medium. You almost got lost within it. Your world was almost taken over by it. But that’s all it ever could have been–the greatest thrill ride any adrenaline junkie could wish for.

You see, fear takes you inward. It always takes you right into the heart of its control room, if you notice. If you are busy scrambling away from fear, you might not notice. But if you are brave and go right into the heart of it, with every contraction into fear is a visit to fear’s control room. You get to see Oz behind the curtain, every time if you want.

Once you start observing fear’s control room, you begin to notice what a shaky smudge it is. It’s insubstantial. It’s nothing. Oh, it is endlessly clever and morphs into any form at all, but it’s fundamentally insubstantial. What is more substantial than fear?

Here is the lovely weakness of fear. When you venture into fear’s control room, unafraid, curious about this habitual contraction, you’re one step away from the real power–Love–the heart of you and everyone.

You see, fear is this inky blotch that has obscured but never covered the eternal sun of Love. So when you scramble away from fear in distraction or louder volumes or judgments of false self and false other, you journey further away from the love that you and all others are, the love that would express itself through every situation, if you would allow it.

When the feeling of contraction and tension becomes apparent, stay curious. Do any memories come up? It can be very interesting to notice that today you get an opportunity to drop habitual reactions that you put into place in second grade. And then tomorrow you get a chance to drop habitual reactions to your co-worker, which are based upon something about yourself you began believing when you were five.

Each contraction into fear brings with it the opportunity for release. Each contraction into fear gives you the chance to see how you have held onto it on purpose.

Each contraction into fear gives you the chance to observe its workings in innocent curiosity. From this vantage point, so very close to the great power of Love, you can hear the call of desire. It becomes very easy to step through the fear as the nothingness it is and simply follow the call of desire whenever you hear it.

Fear distorts and obscures what desire would tell you. When you get into the habit of stepping through it, you get to find out what you really want. Stay curious. What do you really want?

Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

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