Allowing ourselves to feel, dissolving illusions

When you have acknowledged that you are awakening to your true identity, your vital work is to be open to feeling so you can see where the energy of limitation is arising. When you can feel it, it is your opportunity to see through it.

When you take the time to see through the illusion of limitation, you have a very positive impact on your future and upon all beings across time and space. It’s no small thing. You just took a moment to heal your perception, your world, and to extend that healing across all dimensions. It always begins with you. Imagine this–every time you invite yourself to transcend the perception of limitation, you make our true and shared identity in harmony more accessible to all beings on an awakening journey, and more beings begin to experience the natural drive to find shared identity.

Each time you allow yourself to feel the energy of limitation, it’s an indicator of what you have chosen in the past. When you recognize that you chose illusion over reality, and the echo of that is appearing in your now-experience, you open the door to the memory that the essential energy of you and all others is freedom. When you sit in that awareness, you share that energy mind-to-mind. Imagine the wonderful gift you share while shopping, while gathering with friends and family, while alone. Anywhere you are, you are connected mind-to-mind across time and space, and you always have the opportunity to share the benefit of the remembrance of the freedom you are.

The entire time you have convinced yourself that you are a limited human being and nothing else, you have been creating, and your creations are always waiting for you. Every time you desired peace, freedom and happiness, it sprang into being in the potential of a form you could experience. Without knowing how accessible all these states are to you because you believed more in limitation than creation, your creations went into the equivalent of an energetic storage facility, and you have access to them right now.  You have always had a treasure awaiting you, and you are now gaining access to the conduit that will deliver it into your experience.

We encourage you to think of these stored creations as feeling states. Right now you have access to peace, harmony, love and joy, and you can share that with others. This applies to every right now moment. When feelings that appear as opposite to the peace that you are come up, this is an echo from the past. This is always a beautiful transformative moment. When you can allow the feeling without judgment, blame or reaction, knowing that it’s being received within the space of harmony, you accept healing, thereby offering it to others energetically.

Do you understand this? This means that you don’t have to insist upon feeling peace if anger arises. Rather, it’s an opportunity to get curious about this experience of anger that you have offered to yourself. How does it feel? When you don’t associate it with any judgments, how does it feel? You are receiving the feeling in love, and therefore it is a gift. It is always the gift of release and of settling more deeply into your limitless self when you allow yourself to feel.

This power, the power to allow yourself to feel something that appears to be opposite to the love you are, as you remember the love you are, is the power that welcomes your stored creations back to you. It washes away what appeared to block the flow of your loving creations into your daily experience, and you find that the universe supports you in every way. It supports you because you are allowing your loving creations to return to you. You are willing to feel, so you dissolve anything that would appear to oppose love. Nothing can truly oppose love, so you see the illusory nature of what seemed to block the awareness of love. Then your predominant experience reflects the light you are. When this happens, you are able to share the light easily and without effort.

As you draw all your loving creations out of your energetic storage facility and into your daily experience, establishing a free flow of energy by your willingness to feel, you share this with others. Whenever you allow this healing, the effect is collective, and it helps others to move into this flow of healing, too.

Today you feel and flow, and you serve all others by doing so.

Photo by on Unsplash

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