You come bearing gifts

At any moment, you are perfectly free to see the radiant beauty of the real world pervading all things–even your own consciousness.

The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

In any moment of stress, tension or contraction, we are misperceiving. This is good news, because we don’t want that stress as our baseline, our foundation. When we notice stress and invite healing, we are inviting corrected perception to our experience as we see love as the true foundation of our experience.

When we notice tension, we are experiencing an echo of the choice for suffering. When we’re relying on the choice for suffering as our foundation, we feel the tension of reaction. As we remember our willingness to release the tension, we experience the flow of response.

When we feel contraction, we are feeling the vibration of a past choice to view a world based on separation rather than the truth of our unity. Think of the world you see in front of you shimmering, wiggling in a way you never thought possible, and then resolving in a true reflection of the unity you and all others are. As you step from moment to moment, always in the now, the world of your five senses is very flexible and easily transformed by the healing you accept and share along the way.

When something that seems negative arises in your experience, it is a wonderful opportunity to see through the illusion of vulnerability you chose. You can look upon such a thing and ask for assistance in dropping your judgments about it. You can ask to see the beautiful reality that is actually present–right now. This means that wherever you are and whatever you’re seeing, you come bearing gifts. As you accept them for yourself, you can share them with others.

When you feel the energy of struggle, you can imagine yourself with arms outstretched, reaching right through it. The energy of struggle signifies past attachment to an illusion, and right now is when you can ask for assistance in seeing the illusion as transparent. When you affirm your intention to see truly, you allow yourself to drop the struggle, because what would you struggle against? Your very own self? Love? It’s a shadow play that you can set down as you allow the energy of transformation to flow in.

And if you feel caught up in the energy of a very powerful struggle that seems intense, celebrate. Remember that you are surrounded by the energy of love that is you. Congratulate yourself for allowing this piece of the past to surface that it may be healed in the love that you are right now. Allow all the tortured thoughts and judgments to arise and then subside. You have done very good work, and now you’re able to share the benefit of that with all.

Wherever you notice stress, whether it appears to be in you or another, you can always ask to see the beauty of the real world that is always present everywhere, in every little thing. It’s present in your stress. It’s present in their stress. It truly doesn’t matter who it seems to belong to, so you have the opportunity to drop a whole lot of judgment there. It’s arising in your experience, so it’s an opportunity to see the love that is there. In order to stop and request to see the love that is present, you must drop all judgments. So if you want to drop all judgments, simply make a request to see and experience the ever-present love. It’s a neat trick. Amaze your friends!

You have an on-call massage therapist always available to you, but you forget about it. Sometimes you would rather thrash about for a while rather than remembering the care and healing you can experience. When you remember, you tell the massage therapist where the tension is located, and healing comes. Whenever you bring loving attention to anything, you are allowing the tension to be massaged away. Simply ask to see things as they really are.

The world you are experiencing now is like a toddler’s lift-the-flap book. There is always a very loving reality behind every situation you would like to reject. Instead of pushing ideas, feelings and experiences away from you, simply remember that you can lift the flap. Be curious. I wonder what is under here and how it can serve me today. I wonder how I can be of service within this situation today. When I allow response to replace reaction, I always love the flow of energy through me. I’m going to be divinely greedy for more of that.

Whenever you are looking at anything on the surface of the world of insanity you have chosen, notice those moments when you label anything at all as inadequate. This is a very powerful practice. Notice that moment. Don’t run away. Now ask to see what is underneath. Ask to experience the love that saturates everything.

Every time you do this, you open up the gates to inspiration. Inspiration tells you if you’re going to stay or go, if you’re going to speak or remain silent, if you’re going to dance or rest. Inspiration feels very simple and stable. It’s a wonderful feeling, and noticing those moments of labeling inadequacy opens you up to experience more and more of it. The more you experience, the more you can share.

The real world behind the world of separation you have chosen is always there, always beautiful, always healing, and always sparkling. Our access to it is built into each now moment. We only need to bring our attention there. We only have to ask to experience the reality of love because we are all fully worthy of bringing it into our collective experience.

Today is a day to see what is real.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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