We assist you as equals

We speak to you as your equals, sisters and brothers. Notice during the day whenever you feel less-than and whenever you feel tempted to look upon another as less-than. Notice the pain. Notice the contraction. It’s time to let go of that. So just notice. And remember your willingness to release into remembrance. You are never improving yourself. You are simply remembering who you are, and as you do so, it gets easier. It seems harder right before you break through into another layer of remembrance, and then it gets easier again. Layer after layer after layer. We’re going to encourage you to keep moving through into remembrance.

We invite you to set an intention now to let the remembrance of our equality–ours and yours, yours and the rest of your fellow humans on Earth, yours and and that of all beings across time and space–to come online consistently in daily life. When you exist in the awareness of your equality with all beings across time and space, and when you remember that your fellow beings share this equality, you are performing your function.

There are concepts, ideas and experiences that you hold in front of your function. We ask you to notice them, hear the words of the thoughts to which you attach as if they are meaningless prerecorded messages, and allow yourself to relax into remembrance beyond those once-cherished concepts. They are just old toys now. You are putting them down. You are leaving them behind because you never needed them, and you don’t need them now. What you are supports your experience now, and it always has. The only difference is that what you are supports your choice, whether it is a choice for conflict or the choice to move from conflict into remembrance. You’re on the move now, and it is your choice.

Your greatest happiness comes from performing your function, and your function emerges out of the deeper and deeper remembrance of who you and all others are. Be divinely Selfish. Do what brings happiness. Go where you are attracted. When you honor our shared Self by going where attraction leads you, you honor us all. Are there any concepts holding you back? Then stop for a clean-up, and continue.

At this point, you are facing some of your most deeply rooted concepts, ones to which you have attached for years and decades, ones that are fundamental to your society as it works now, to the shared third-dimensional concept of reality. You are not having these concepts taken away from you. You are surrendering them willingly, and we look on in great joy and celebration as you do so. We are aware that you experience confusion and pain as you access and release that which you didn’t even know it was possible to access and release. Through the confusion, through the pain, you are doing it. You are doing it! We love to see your beautiful emergence as you do so.

So much of your third-dimensional experience has been based upon fear. Over time, you have realized how painful fear is. The only purpose of time now is to use its perception in the service of healing. Now you realize how painful tension and masses of confused thoughts are when you begin to attach to them. Now you’re willingly visiting dark and confused tangles of thoughts you put away as building blocks of your separate self. You are letting us in in a way that you have never done before, and you are offering what you can of this mass of tangled and conflicting thoughts to us.  As we aid you in taking away what you offer, you see additional concepts you can release to us. It is very joyous work.

You are undoing the world you’ve been seeing, the world you’ve been choosing, so another world can come in its place. Into every closed and contracted place, you are pouring the light of remembrance. You are getting better and better at this as you go along. It’s all about taking the opportunity the feeling of tension gives you to do the energy work that brings the light that encompasses all into your experience. We are not speaking of a light that opposes the dark. We are speaking of the light that you and all others have always been, regardless of what you have chosen to experience.

As you expand, we expand. What you are doing is done for all. When you venture into the confused and dark places of your mind and continue with your deep summer cleaning, you are more and more able to share the peace and joy we feel because you recognize it as yourself and realize that you need nothing else.

We are always here and so ready to serve in this joyous remembrance.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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