The Great Joining

We invite you to the Great Joining. No, this is not actually an event in space and time. It’s a correction of perception. It is always available to you. You can touch it, and move away, touch it, and move away, touch it and move away. Then you begin to understand what it is. Then you begin to trust it. Then you begin to recognize it as your true self and that of everyone else. Then you begin to see it as that which underlies all experienced through the physical senses.

What is this joining? It’s just us, joined together, without conflict, as we always have been. It’s very simple. Here’s a handy hint: The illusion you make is always far more complex than the simple and always available reality of love.

It’s the most natural thing in the world for us to see ourselves as one. That is why it is said that the way is easy and without effort. Anything that is effort speaks of fear. Feel into this. Go slowly. Look at it closely. Look at how it unfolds in your daily life. Gradually, you realize there is always a flow for you to fall into. It attracts you to the next moment, the next thing, the next activity. It comes without ceasing.

This flow informs your voice, your gestures, your appearance. It is not a loss of self-control. It is the emergence of your true self and that of all others, and it feels very good, very peaceful, very joyful. That is why you come to trust it. That is why others come to trust it as they observe you trusting the flow. It is always very simple. The only thing complex about this process is dropping the complexity.

Go to the place where we are joined, energetically. Let the angel of breath take you there–just one breath, in and out. Is there any reason not to abide there? Is there any self-interest you need to follow that is not in alignment with this? Stress will show you. The feeling of stress will show you when there is an alignment to fall into. And you can, quite literally, fall. You simply drop what is not needed, the notion that you are any self other than our shared self of love, and with it all the pressures to live up to some notion of a manufactured self. You can let it crumble now. It’s only an empty cage.

Others will know to leave their cages when you do so. You embolden them. You empower them.

The ego makes an endless project out of improving a separate self. See this mannequin, this false self that  gets built up and protected and cherished? And then if you have friends and family you put clock time into building up and cherishing or protecting what you perceive as their separate selves. This work, this effort, is truly not needed. You are love, and you express as such. Once you settle into that, you find you’re just here in the soup with everyone, and all is well. All is acceptable. All is allowed. All is resolved through love whenever resolution is needed.

Go ahead. Use the breath as a metaphor. One breath in and out, releasing all that you have never needed, releasing into the powerful functionality and flow of union. Isn’t it incredible that this has always been here for you? It is always here for your fellows, too. You can point them in the direction of it when they are receptive. When you are receptive to All That Is, when you flow in union, you help them to be receptive to the power that they are.

When you are empowered, there is truly nothing to fight against. There is no struggle.

Make use of the angel of breath. One breath in, one out. Setting into your true self of union. Feel this you. This you–this whole you–is eternal. Feel the stillness and the power of that. The eternal that you are has always been beyond time, encompassing time lovingly. You, the eternal, can handle anything that comes up in time.

We encourage you to make the eternality of yourself (which is the location of the eternality of all others) your base of operations. When you do that, you remain close in your awareness to us. You remain close in your awareness to all others and sensitive to the opportunities that arise to extend love.

We love doing this beautiful, beautiful work in union with you. We thank you.

Photo by virginia lackinger on Unsplash

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