Are we here yet?

Think of where you are right now Where are you?  Okay, now look a little deeper. Where are you? What are you, exactly, and where is this thing you’re calling you? You can name a location. Is the location name the where?

You think you’re in a particular location. You believe you’re in a particular location. This is the power of the mind. We ask you to recognize this more and more often. You are giving yourself a particular kind of experience, but it is not real.

You’re moving into a phase when you’re learning how to give yourself and others a particular kind of experience that you call happy. In other words, you come to understand that you are making the illusion. You understand that you are worthy, loved, and  not in trouble because of what you have done. You allow that to become that basis from which the illusory experience comes. The illusory experience can become fun. The illusory experience can become joyful.

How do we communicate? We focus. We focus into where you are, and you focus into where we are. We are actually in exactly the same “place”–love. But we reach out to where you have your awareness focused, and you reach beyond where you have your awareness focused. You’re reaching beyond and beyond and beyond, until “here” becomes exactly where we are, until “now” is every moment of your day. You are allowing this. You are allowing your contribution to the illusion to come increasingly from the place where you actually are and always have been.

Words can only do so much, but they are a bridge. Words point you in the direction of feeling, and then knowing.

You can “travel” like we do. You can focus into other seemingly different locations and experiences. All you experience is the outpicturing of thought. If you think you can, you can.

Physicality of all kinds, in all dimensions, is thought-made. Physicality itself is not real. The energy that allows the experience of physicality–love–is the only thing that is real. When you believe that physicality is real, you give your power, the power of the energy of love, to it.

We can say this now because you can understand it: It is a very silly thing to do. Before you gave yourself the experience of expressing through the particular human body, you knew this. This is what gave you the confidence to go and express through that body. You knew that the answer was very, very simple, and you knew that you could share the simplicity of this message with all of your divine siblings on Earth. That is correct. It is simple–delightfully so. And you can do this.

So now you are waking up to the truth that you have been giving physicality a power it has never had. Now you know that you have delivered unto yourself every experience you have ever had. This is called responsibility. This is your power.

Take this knowledge into every experience you have. If you find yourself seemingly in the midst of experience that feels resistant today, know that this is the echo of resistance you chose in the past. You always have the vast and beautiful power of love available to you in every moment. If you choose to push love’s away in an attempt to control life from the fearful perspective of a separate self, you project disorder out into the illusion. This is the basis of all disorder you see and experience in your world.

The reason not to judge it is that you participated in making it. The reason not to panic is that you are now inviting all minds back into order, back into trust in love. They will follow.

When you feel that energy of resistance, even in the most subtle way, know that this is separate-self energy, egoic energy. Take a breath, reset, exhale. All is well, you are always supported, and we always walk with you toward remembrance and expression of the harmonic Self.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

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