Now serving All

Touch something. Feel the texture. You gave that experience to yourself. The physical sense experience is not real. We are using this language to help you find a deeper foundation, not to deny the experience you are giving yourself. We are emphasizing the experience you give yourself to stay in the space of your empowerment.

When you seem to fall under the spell of the Earth plane, you give your power to your surroundings, to the conditions around you. It is because you give this power to the experience you are manufacturing that you can’t walk through walls, that a car cannot pass through you. Except you can. It can. Because all of this is an experience you’re giving yourself.

There is no need to walk into the nearest street to test out this theory, because if you walk into that street in doubt, what experience will you give yourself? Can you feel down to the roots where you are playing this game? It’s definitely time to stop. And you will get many opportunities to disengage from the role of powerlessness and being subject to that you took on for this game.

The physical sense experience is upheld by reality. In other words, love–the love that we all are–supports your choice to engage in this type of game. You are currently receiving much assistance from other beings–both physical and nonphysical–in changing the game you are playing here on Earth. All support you in your expansion because your expansion means expansion for all.

We do mean all. The true self of every one–everyone–supports you in your growth, even and especially when they appear to oppose you. They cause you to penetrate to the deepest layers of human dysfunction and to release from there. Everyone is playing a perfect role in this collective healing process.

Nothing bad happens in reality. You can think of reality as the space within which a drama of duality, conflict, suffering and death is enacted. Reality itself is nondual. So then you look at something bad happening in your world, and you say, “What about that?” We tell you the truth. You are all participating in the collective projection of disorder because you do not yet understand how to see differently. When you understand, this projecting will subside. You will find peace and paradise together. Realizing that the “good guys” are participating in the projection of disorder–this is key.

You couldn’t have something to struggle against–as a separate other–if you didn’t project something out there as adversary. Can you see this? You’re the one who holds limits in place for the experience of them. When you have experienced enough, you can let go.

Love–what you are–has no opposite. This means you have no actual enemies. Anyone who would appear to be enemy is serving a divine role. Anyone who would appear as enemy now is helping you to go deeper until you accept full remembrance of your power. When you do, they are set free. They don’t have to enact those roles to incite remembrance anymore. When you remember your power, you share that with them.

What? Share power with your enemy? Of course. Because all true power is benign and shared. If you tried to take something called power just for yourself–well, you’d be living in an illusion. You’d be living in an illusion because all true power is benign and shared. In other words, you already are sharing power with your enemy. It has never been any other way. When you remember, they can remember, too.

You are searching for a home, for a place to settle, for a foundation upon which to live. The old foundation of judgment and control from the perspective of a separate self is no longer viable. You have let it dissolve to the point at which it is no longer recognizable as a home, as a refuge. So you have no choice. You must find another home.

Let reality be your realtor. Let us show you where to abide. Abide in the simplicity, abundance and freedom of the Now. This is the place where all true power is shared. This is the space from which miracles are escorted into your world. It is a fun space, a creative space. It feels more real than any facsimile you could project into your world. Give it a try. See how it feels.

Do you like this home? We are pleased to tell you that there is no charge. You don’t even have to give us a commission because we are only showing you your own home. This is where you have always been living, as spirit, while you have been giving yourself the experience of vulnerability, suffering and death. You never moved out of your true home.

Your true home is in peace. Your true home is in power. Your true home is in love. Because you are always abiding here, it’s really no problem to allow these qualities to flow into the experience you’re giving yourself. You are always sitting on a mountain of gold. Remember this today when you choose to give yourself an experience of contraction, of feeling limited. Right in that moment, you are sitting on a mountain of gold, and in that moment you can be the conduit for this endless resource to express itself in your world.

Remember to check in with yourself to see is there’s any work you can do on behalf of abundance, freedom and love today. It is the most joyous work, so you will learn to check in often to see if there is anything you can say or do as the ambassador of this great power and this great love we all share.

We are with you today, actively assisting you in dissolving all blocks to the awareness of this ever-present and unending wealth that you can share with all others. It is our joy to be of service as you discover how to serve all with us.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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